Tips for Creating Your Brand

Building a new brand that stands out amongst the competition takes dedication and planning. Follow these helpful steps to begin creating your unique brand.

Establish Your Brand

To build your brand you must first establish your positioning statement, brand name, and general appearance. Your positioning statement should briefly describe what your business provides, who is your target market, and why your products or services have value. Think of a unique brand name that captures the personality behind your brand. Consider how your brand name will affect your logo, domain name, and other marketing material. You can try using description words, made-up words, or acronyms for a longer name. As soon as you decide on a brand name, register your domain name, and ensure it is available. From there you can decide on your brand colors for signs and graphics Austin, create your business logo, and design your product packaging.

Design Your Brand

Consider your target market when you begin to design your brand. Colors can evoke different emotions and play a role in how you are received by your audience. Test how different fonts will look on your website and in various colors before making your decision. Your logo is the face of your company. You’ll want it to stand out and look great. There are various kinds of logo styles you can use to accurately convey your brand. You might choose to use letters and icons, create a unique emblem, or establish your brand identity with a mascot. Consider where you will be using your logo whether it be online, on billboards, or t-shirts and merchandise. If you use a lot of letters in your icon could make it hard to see as a small favicon. Try to create a design that works well in all sizes. Once you establish your logo and brand image, you can move on to promoting and advertising your products or services.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you begin to design your new brand.