3 Tips for Applying for an Alcohol Permit

If you want to sell alcoholic beverages, you must have a license. Here are three tips for applying for an alcohol permit.

1. Requirements Vary by Jurisdiction

You must apply for an alcohol permit in your jurisdiction. In the United States, these permits are generally approved by the state, but can occasionally be approved at the county or city level. Check your state’s licensing requirements before you begin your application. For example, PLBC, WLD and TABC licensing requirements each rest on Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas state alcohol sale and distribution laws, respectively.

2. Your Business Type Determines Your License Type

Restaurants, taverns, bars and other places that sell alcohol to be consumed on-premises have different license and permit types than businesses that sell alcohol for consumption off-premises, such as grocery stores, or distribute alcohol. The three most common types of alcohol permits in the United States are restaurant liquor licenses, tavern or bar liquor licenses and beer-and-wine licenses.

3. Certain Information Must Be Included in Applications

To ensure your application is processed properly and you have the best chance of being approved, make sure you include all the information required before you submit it. The records and other information you must include will vary by jurisdiction. Generally, you’ll need to include your company constitution, your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and copies of your certificate of incorporation and the title of your company’s premises. You may also be asked to provide information such as your proposed menu, visual references of your premises and a partnership agreement if you have one.

Always carefully review what you need to have in order to successfully apply and be approved for an alcohol permit in your jurisdiction. You should also carefully review your paperwork and the records and information you include in your application before submitting it. Make sure everything you need to provide is included.