5 Tips for Eye-Catching Event Graphics

When designing graphics for a conference, trade show, exhibit or other important event, there are many factors to account for. By following a few simple tips, you can achieve the maximum impact with your event graphics.

1. Get to the Point

Consider what the graphic needs to convey. Are you advertising a product or promoting an event? Do you need to include contact information or dates? Cluttering your graphics with unnecessary text reduces readability, so only include the most relevant information.

2. Focus on Quality

High-quality graphics leave the viewer with a positive impression of your business. If you design your own graphics, make sure the image resolution is high enough before you send them off for printing. If you are unsure of the correct resolution, ask a professional. When it comes to graphic design and graphic installation Glen Burnie MD graphic design experts can help produce the highest-quality graphics for your event.

3. Display Graphics at Eye Level

Even the highest-quality graphics are useless if people can’t see them. Consider where they will be displayed and what objects may obstruct the view. Avoid placing signs, banners and displays too close to the ground.

4. Consider Readability

Fancy fonts can attract attention, but the font you choose must convey the information efficiently, especially at a distance. Choose fonts that suit your brand or event but have a clean look that is easy to read.

5. Be Original, but Be Consistent

If you’re representing your company, use design elements that are consistent with your brand and incorporate them into a unique design. Simply enlarging your logo and printing it on a poster doesn’t make a particularly engaging graphic, but using consistent colors, fonts or images can make a memorable impact.

Graphics are a way to convey information quickly and effectively. Make a statement at your next event with eye-catching graphics.