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7 Reasons to Use a Chargeback Management System

Operating an online-based business comes with numerous benefits, with the most notable being improved customer interaction and the efficiency and ease of transactions. But even with these impactful tools, companies have to face the unexpected world of chargebacks, which can cause massive losses if not handled well. Fortunately, a chargeback management system fills this gap, helping businesses take charge of disputed transactions. If you are struggling to control this area, here are some reasons to implement a chargeback system.

Better Business Management

Chargebacks can happen due to several reasons, with the most cited being false claims and friendly fraud. To ensure that these reasons are not borne out of any fraudulent purposes, businesses have to countercheck their validity, a factor that ends up consuming productive work hours. However, a chargeback management system simplifies this process, with automatic verifications saving you time for regular chargeback procedures. This gives you more time to focus on improving other areas of your business.

Protection of Your Merchant Account

While a chargeback management system generally helps businesses get streamlined transactions, they also help companies protect their merchant accounts. If your business receives a high chargeback ratio, you risk having your account terminated by your acquirer. When this happens, you can no longer accept payments from customers, an aspect that could lead to halted operations. The solution to this lies in implementing a chargeback management system, allowing you to keep your chargeback ratio within the required limit.

Real-Time Updates

A chargeback management system is designed with built-in processors that offer updates every time a chargeback is initiated. In addition to this, it also synchronizes payments made to the card provider details, ensuring that your business operates on transparency. By implementing a chargeback system, your business gets improved financial performance, which also helps you prevent any suspicious customer activity.

Prevention of Revenue Losses

Faulty chargebacks are the new source of revenue loss for a majority of online-based ventures. For every chargeback made, companies can lose significant chargeback fees and administration costs when disputes arise. You can counteract by adopting a chargeback management system that immediately deals with friendly fraud and any false claims made. In addition to this, a chargeback system is crucial in preventing any merchant error setbacks and criminal fraud originating from dishonest practices. This makes it possible to eliminate any future losses that may come up during business operations.

Secure and Precise Business Systems

Due to the real-time synchronization of transactions, chargeback systems also come with the added benefit of security. Before any cash reversal is made, the system identifies the cause of the chargeback and analyses it to prevent it from happening again. With continual use, a chargeback system will help you seal off any loopholes in your finances, helping you set precedent for better chargeback systems.

Low Operating Costs

Managing your chargebacks means hiring personnel to monitor your financial transactions, a factor that comes with increased labor costs. If you are looking to reduce your daily operational expenses, a chargeback management system is what you need. An automated system will help you reduce any additional staff expenses, resulting in improved your entire business system’s speed and efficiency.

Better Customer Relationship

Most businesses often categorize customer chargebacks as bad chargebacks, unaware that this may hurt their customers’ relationship. If you fall under this category, consider utilizing a chargeback management system for a smooth dispute resolution process. Its precise analysis will come in handy in helping you separate genuine claims from friendly fraud chargebacks. This allows you to have a better customer relationship without any erroneous systems damaging your reputation.

The Benefits of an Outstaff Company for Those Who Want to Implement Tactile VR

The Benefits of an Outstaff Company for Those Who Want to Implement Tactile VR

Technology is going forward at lightning speed. It seems that only recently we’ve tried our first VR (virtual reality) tech. But now, the topic of tactile VR is becoming more and more real. Businesses that want to go into the future with the world of technology are seeking outstaff company options to be able to implement the innovation as soon as it takes real form.

And this is one of the best choices. Tactile VR is the nearest future of virtual reality technologies. It will open new doors in almost any industry, from game development to healthcare.

Even if your business doesn’t seem to involve any kind of virtual reality, such addition can make you the leader of the field overnight.

There are thousands of talented IT specialists waiting for progressive businesses to cooperate with them. And outstaffing is a very suitable way to do so.

What Innovations Tactile VR Brings

Virtual Reality is a technology that uses vision and sound to provide an experience of dynamic environments. There are non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive types. But most of them, as of today, lack the sense of touch to complete the experience. 

Tactile VR will bring new powers to the building industry, providing a spatial understanding of projects. The healthcare industry will benefit from it as well, starting with doctors’ training and finishing with curing diseases and learning more about them.

The gaming industry is, clearly, going to get a new meaning when players will be able to feel objects and use them in a game with full immersion.

It involves two kinds of technologies, the first one being regular VR and the second one – physical architecture.

The topic is very complicated and needs experienced professionals. Looking for a team yourself may bring poor results if you’re far from the field. However, a reliable outstaff company can help.

Let’s review the main benefits of looking for staff outside of your business for future tactile VR development.

Advantages of Looking for Staff Outside Your Company

There are 5 major advantages, given you find a trustworthy outstaffing agency:

  • True professionals.
    First of all, you will hire a team of professionals who already know how to work together and are leading in their study fields. They will make the transition to new technologies smooth.
  • Saving effort.
    You don’t have to look for experts yourself, conduct interviews, and understand what criteria make an IT genius. The outstaffing vendor will do the job in the best way they can.
  • You have full control.
    Although this needs some degree of IT expertise, it’s good to know that you’re still in control of all the processes. If you don’t have an opportunity to control the quality of work, outstaff a tech management team.
  • No worries about administration.
    The agency is responsible for recruitment, payroll, etc.

By cooperating with an experienced, reliable vendor, you can be one of the first to adopt tactile VR.

How to Make Your Clothing Line a Success

There is so much competition in the small-business world these days, especially in the realm of fashion, that it can be difficult to differentiate what you have to offer from other brands on the market. Fortunately, there are a few simple measures you can take to build a strong customer base and boost sales.

Feature High-Quality Photos of Your Merchandise

The image that a customer sees while shopping can be the deciding factor as to whether he or she makes a purchase, especially since such a high percentage of sales now take place online. There’s nothing more unappealing than a blurry, unfocused or otherwise low-quality photo. Rather than taking pictures of pieces yourself, hire a professional product photographer Round Rock TX.

Respond to Customer Feedback

Everyone wants to feel as though they have been heard. When your customers offer either positive or negative feedback via social media, your website, on the phone or in person, respond in a friendly and polite way. If you receive the same negative feedback from more than one person, do your best to take it under advisement and improve on whatever aspect of your business practice has been called into question.

Be Smart with Your Budgeting

Every business goes through ups and downs when it comes to generating profit. In order to increase the chances of your clothing line enduring for years to come, always make sure to have a significant amount of capital saved in case of any unexpected challenges. Research the market rates for any products or services that you purchase, and try not to overspend. Consulting an accountant or budget specialist may be a big help.

Running a small business, especially in an arena as competitive as fashion, is not always easy, but it is immensely rewarding. Remain open-minded and maintain a positive attitude, and you will increase your chances of success.

How To Take Your Gaming Skills To the Next Level

For those that love to game, it often isn’t just a hobby or something that is done purely for enjoyment. Lots of gamers invest time in effort into improving their gaming skills and reaching important goals. If you love gaming and are looking to take your gaming abilities to the next level, then here are some things that may help. 

Do Your Research

One of the best things you can do when you are trying to take your gaming skills up a notch and beat that difficult level or beat a game altogether is plenty of research. Not only should you study that game in particular and find out how others have beat it, but it can be helpful to study gaming in a more general sense as well, and take in the kinds of things that other gamers like Dan Avidan would have to say. Gaining specific knowledge but also general knowledge about gaming is a great way to improve your overall gaming abilities and help you reach your goals. 

Practice Plenty

Along with doing plenty of research, you also need to be doing plenty of practicing, as well. While educating yourself about a particular game can go a long way towards helping you beat it, the reality is that you may struggle to put that knowledge to use if you don’t have a firm grasp on basic gaming skills. Additionally, there are some things that can only be achieved through regular practice.

Just like playing an instrument, muscle memory often comes into play when you are trying to beat a new level or challenge. Beyond that, the more that you practice, the easier many tasks will be, and the easier it will be for you to beat levels more quickly in the future. 

Take Regular Breaks

Even though getting lots of practice is important when it comes to achieving your gaming goals, taking regular breaks is important as well. This is because it can be possible to hit a peak with your practicing, and after so many hours practicing can actually be detrimental rather than beneficial. This is due in part to the fact that your mind is only meant to focus on one thing for so long before it starts to forget the information you are taking in.

Beyond that, after around 5 hours of practice, your muscles may begin to become depleted and your eyes could start to become strained. By taking regular breaks, you can help refresh your body and your mind, and be more alert when you do begin practicing again. 

Mentor Other Gamers

Another way to take your gaming skills up a notch is to begin mentoring another gamer, especially one who is totally new to the games that you are playing. While this may seem like a hindrance to some, the truth is that taking time to teach someone else and look at the game through their eyes can give you a new perspective on the game you are playing. Additionally, teaching someone else the skills you know can help you to realize how much you do actually know about gaming, and give you increased confidence in your skills and abilities. 

Play With New People

If you keep playing the same games with the same people, you may get better, but you may only be getting better at beating those particular people. While this can still be valuable for boosting your skills, if you really want to see your abilities grow, then it can be essential to mix it up and play with different opponents on a regular basis. This can be true when it comes to playing with both those that are more experienced and skilled than you, and when it comes to playing against those less skilled as well. When you play against someone more experienced, you can learn to emulate the things that they are doing, and when you play against someone less skilled you can get a better idea of what to avoid. 

Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise

Even if you are highly focused on taking your gaming abilities to the next level, it can be important to make sure that you aren’t neglecting other areas of your life while you are doing this. Even though it can be tempting to stay focused on one task until it is complete, the more that you can invest in other areas of your life, the better gamer you will be. This can be particularly true when it comes to going out in nature and getting plenty of exercise. The more that you take meaningful time away from your games, the more refreshed you will be when you return to them, and the more motivated to reach your goals. 

Some Last Thoughts

For many gamers, gaming isn’t just a hobby, but an important part of their life. Because of this, improving gaming skills can be important. The good news is that this can be easy to do, especially when you take time to do your research, practice regularly, and also remember the importance of taking breaks, too. 

Discharging Your Debt When You Are A Bankrupt Student

If you are a student, circumstances are not always guaranteed to remain the same and sometimes it takes a seemingly simple decision beyond your control to change things. This is why it is important to understand the consequences that may arise from your ongoing student loan should any of your income conditions change from favorable to the opposite. Before you start thinking of the different types of private bankruptcy loans that you can apply for, it is essential to understand what other types of options are readily accessible for anyone unable to make a repayment on their federal student loan. 

While you may be hoping to receive an email informing you of how your loan has been discharged, it is equally important to take the initiative to ensure that your college administration knows your unfavorable financial circumstances. If you have been declared bankrupt by a court of law then you can file an adversary proceeding action to inform the court that making payments on the loan would intensify the financial crisis as a result worsen your ability to meet any of the expected payment obligations. However, an adversary proceeding does not guarantee that your student loan will be discharged in full. Sometimes some terms form part of the court’s bankruptcy determination such as how your loan can be discharged partially offset by a portion of the repayment or lowered interest. 

Before you contemplate taking another loan to repay your initial student loan and further deteriorating your credit score, you can opt for various readily available repayment plans or speak to your loan servicer and negotiate a lower interest on your loan. Knowing what to do in case options are limited will help prevent more debt from being incurred and could help you in your bankruptcy claim. 

Choosing A Pallet Racking System

For businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective ways to categorize their inventory, there are several racking systems available.

Pallet rack selection comprises more than just choosing the cheapest device.

Instead, to buy pallet racking the right device will meet the specific needs of your company.

In this case, you must consider the needs and how they can be fulfilled. Here are some things to remember before buying a pallet racking device.

How Much Do You Need To Store?

Think of how many different items you have to store when selecting a pallet racking device. An example is, do you need to store just one type of item, such as shoes, or will it be a variety?

Some pallet racking systems work well for storing just a few products. Others work well for storing many different products.

The system is designed to allow pallets of the same or similar items to be driven into the system to remove the need for aisles. 

A push-back pallet racking system allows multiple picking faces while a selective pallet racking system uses only one face for multiple items.

Pressure On Your Racking System

You should also remember the number of pallets you need to store when selecting a rack system. You would need a high-density pallet racking device if you have a lot of inventory to store. These types of storage systems help to optimize the amount of product that can be placed on each shelf.

For example, a drive-in pallet racking system saves space and discards the aisle requirement.

It makes it easier to store large amounts in each area. The push back pallet racks allow several pallets to be stacked on each shelf.

Where To Place The Shelf

Keep in mind how much inventory you need to stock, and the room you have to store it. If your inventory is large, you need a very massive warehouse. 

In that case, you might decide to go with a low-density storage rack. If you have several items to store in a small space, high-capacity storage becomes essential.

Consider Your Forklift Capabilities 

There are several miscellaneous considerations when selecting pallet racks. It is important to carefully think about how you transport objects and what forklift to use.

Do you need to be able to select things quickly? Will you be picking items by case or pallet? Will you need access to several products?

You will have to weigh your forklift needs when picking a pallet rack. For example, are you using a forklift? Does it have a good reach?

Will they fit into narrow aisles? These questions will help you decide on the right rack device for your needs.

Before buying a pallet racking device, consider the problems, such as the inventory forms, length, forklift needs, etc.

When looking for warehouse solutions, turn to a company that will help you answer all your questions. 

Overall the company must offer pallet racking systems, the forklifts to go with them, and the guidance and support required to make the right decision for your company.

3 Cost Saving Manufacturing Practices

Manufacturing can be a costly endeavor and can leave those at the top constantly searching for ways to cut costs and increase profits. While there are many ways this can be done, some cost-cutting strategies ultimately harm the businesses they’re meant to help.

These three practices can help you decrease your manufacturing spend, increase your potential profits, and grow your company quickly, safely, and productively.

1. Low Cost Country Sourcing

Low cost country sourcing is the practice of looking outside your country to find supplies and raw materials at lower prices relative to what’s available nearby. Depending on your product, there is a market somewhere in the world that sells what you need at a steep discount.

You’ll need to consider hiring a consultant to help you find the right seller, negotiate your deal, and analyze the true cost of shipping, tariffs, and other costs you may not expect. But if you can find the right deal you can decrease your costs and increase your margins quickly.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

When you go green, it can cost money upfront. Often, retrofitting a factory floor can be expensive. The savings you can realize on your energy costs down the line and over the life of your building and equipment can be substantial.

Simple things like installing energy-efficient lighting, replacing old HVAC units, or more efficient scheduling for your high-powered machinery can make a big difference in your bottom line. Consider looking into a cost-benefit analysis of these and other green changes to your practices to see where you can save on your monthly bills. 

3. Sell Your Scrap

In every manufacturing process, there is waste. What you do with that waste can either make or cost you a lot of money. Whatever your waste byproduct, there is likely a scrapyard or recycling company out there that will buy it from you. Better yet, another manufacturer may need just what you’re throwing away and be willing to pay.

When you do the legwork to find a buyer for your company’s scrap, your bottom line will move in two ways.

First, you’ll profit from the sale of your scrap. Even a little bit of profit per volume will be more than you’re making now. Secondly, the disposal of this waste is often a big expense for manufacturers. Eliminating that line item means more of your company’s money stays right where it belongs.

Manufacturing is expensive, but it can be less so. Finding the right practices to save your company money can be hard. You’ll likely spend time and money getting these practices off the ground. Don’t let that stop you.

3 Tips for Opening a Hotel

Opening a hotel can be a great way to get into the hospitality business. An entrepreneur who enjoys interacting with customers and does not mind putting in a lot of work behind the scenes can create a thriving company as long as they have picked a good location and market their establishment to the right clients.

1. Select the Right Location

Any area that regularly entices travelers can be a good spot for a hotel. Whether it is a small building near a tourist town or a skyscraper in a bustling metropolis, hotels can serve a useful purpose almost anywhere. Ideally, the hotel should be close to popular attractions and good restaurants. When choosing a building, the ability for it to be converted into a hotel should be taken into account. If it is more than one level, then an elevator and escalator manufacturer Niles IL may be needed to ensure guests can easily reach their rooms.

2. Determine the Target Market

There are many different reasons why people need hotel rooms. The salary range, age, family size and interests of the ideal demographic should be determined before the hotel is opened. This will dictate the décor, activities, perks and type of meals that will be expected.

3. Train Staff in Advance

By the time the grand opening occurs, the staff members should be able to function together as a team. Each employee should understand exactly what is expected of them and be able to perform their tasks with ease. Having an ill-trained staff can lead to unhappy guests and may result in lost business. Hosting a soft opening can be a great way to get some of the kinks ironed out in advance.

Competition in the hospitality industry can be fierce but ensuring that the level of service and the location are exceptional can give a company a huge advantage.

4 Ideas for Planning a Seasonal Date

There is something quite romantic about planning and executing the perfect date for your significant other. Planning one that is seasonal shows an extra bit of effort. Here are some ideas to help you plan a seasonally themed date.


Depending on where you live, winter date nights can easily be filled with snow and cold temperatures, so you may want to plan something indoors. Consider purchasing tickets to a play or opera. Take him or her out to a romantic candlelit dinner. See a holiday film at a classic theater. To beat the cold, you could hire a private chauffeur service NYC to whisk you away on your romantic evening.


Celebrate the warmer temperatures and longer days by moving your date outside in the fresh air of spring. Go for a hike in a local state park or nature preserve and then finish it off with a romantic picnic. Take a stroll through a farmer’s market or antiquities fair. The more things you do outside in the beautiful spring weather, the more you will feel ready to take on the heat of summer.


Although summers are usually quite hot outside, there is no shortage of outdoor date ideas to do with your partner. Take a trip down to the beach or lake for a romantic weekend. You could rent a boat for a sunset sail on a local body of water. Summer is also the time for food, wine, and music festivals, so purchasing tickets to one in your area would be a fun way to spend time together too.


Nothing says autumn like participating in harvest activities, like perusing a pumpkin patch, going apple picking, or driving through the countryside to see the leaves change colors. Many small towns have harvest carnivals and festivals you can look into visiting too.

Seasonal dates are special because they aren’t something you and your loved one can do on any weekend. Check your city’s website to see what is available throughout the year to enjoy.

What To Do With Your Old Electronics

There are some things in life that you only have to buy once: a good cast iron skillet, perhaps, or a sturdy set of screwdrivers. Electronics, unfortunately, are not always this way. Having so many intricate parts, your computerized devices may break or become outdated within just a few years. Instead of adding these items to a landfill, there are several things you can do to minimize waste from your electronics. 

Make Repairs

Oftentimes, it may be cheaper to repair your phone or computer than to shop for a new one. This is especially true for more superficial issues. Many stores now specialize in this type of work, allowing you to conveniently replace screens, batteries and other parts.

Reuse Parts

Many people do not realize that the delicate components of computer chips and circuit boards can be repaired themselves. Using a device called a chip master Key Largo FL, technicians can mend both plastic and ceramic circuitry parts. In this way, the most costly parts of computers can be repaired or recycled to be used for other purposes.


As technology progresses, frequent users of electronic items may wish to invest in updated hardware. Even so, slower processors and heavier computers can still be very useful to others. Not all donation centers will accept electronics, but there are companies and organizations that receive donated electronics or even buy them from you. This way, you reduce waste while also making some cash or helping out others. 

It has become almost impossible to exist without computers of some kind. Whether it is your phone, television or even your car, much of the technology you use every day requires computer chips and circuit boards. Landfills don’t have to be filled up with these items just because technology is changing so rapidly. Consider how you can give your electronics a second life.