Is Your Business Accessible?

Individuals who use mobility devices face a lot of difficulties trying to navigate the world in their everyday lives. There are all kinds of factors that can contribute to making a place inaccessible to disabled people. In the interest of making sure that all of your customers have a good experience, there are some considerations you might make in order to broaden the accessibility of your business.

Clear, Wide Pathways

Wheelchairs need a lot of space to operate. In addition to the width of the chair, manual wheelchairs will require additional space for a person’s arms to push the chair on either side. The aisles of your business should be at least wide enough for this, plus some extra for opposing traffic. Making sure that the floor is clear from debris is also essential for the smooth operation of certain mobility devices. This applies outside, as well. Parking lot sweeping services Seattle can help make sure the outside of your building is as neat as the inside.

Low Counters

For wheelchair users (as well as those with a shorter build due to medical conditions), it can be frustrating to walk up to a checkup counter and not be able to see who they are talking to or have to reach above their head to pay for their things. Having at least one lower counter can make this process much easier for your disabled customers.

Lightweight Doors

If your business does not have automatic doors, you can make them more accessible by making sure they are lightweight and easy to operate from a sitting position. It is difficult to enter a business or a business’s bathroom when the door is heavy and spring-loaded to close behind you. Not only is this stressful for a lot of people, but it can damage mobility devices when they are hit repeatedly by heavy doors.

There will be certain limitations to what you can do to make your business accessible. However, it is important that you do all you can do to be welcoming to the disabled community, as so few spaces in the world are built with them in mind.