Why Typing Skills Are Important in the 21st Century

The creation of the smartphone changed society perhaps more than the computer. The smartphone’s–and eventually tablets and other touch screen devices–reign in society has proven the great adaptability of people when it comes to technology. However, with the changing nature of work and the continued move toward remote work and learning, typing as a trained skill is more and more necessary for all individuals. 

Typing to Learn

Young people are savvy with technology; however, the skills to be an effective typist are ones that are acquired through training and practice. School is the first instance that children, teenagers and young adults find themselves in need of typing skills. Assessments, essays, projects and presentations are all assignments students are likely expected to complete on a computer with typed content. It is especially important for high school upperclassmen and college students to be skilled typists, as this skill will be critical to their time management and execution of assignments. 

Typing to Earn

In addition to education, the typing skills necessary in the workplace will range from email communication at the least and critical tasks for the job at the most. For example, Providence court reporters are responsible for listening and typing verbatim the words spoken in a courtroom or legal proceeding. Those who wish to go into such a career would benefit from a solid foundation in typing. There are several other careers that rely heavily on excellent typing. Writer, journalist, secretary, assistant, virtual assistant and transcriptionist are a few careers that one could not do well without the necessary typing skills. 

In the 21st century, rarely will jobs exist that do not require at least some aptitude in regard to typing. Typing will continue to be a skill that is important for all to learn and gain proficiency in. It is especially important to younger generations who will not know of life without a keyboard.