Office Design Tips

The state of your office can affect your efficiency, creativity and productivity. However, most individuals don’t spend much time thinking about how their office affects their work life. These are a few tips to help you create a productive, healthy office design.

Choose the Right Layout

Whether your office is in your home or your corporate headquarters, you should have some control over its layout. Think about the purpose of your office and what types of work you will do in it. Will you have meetings or is it a private space? Therefore, an office design service Concord CA may suggest that you consider your corporate culture or the atmosphere you wish to create. Then, think about your own work style.

Consider the Space You Need

Studies show that productivity is increased when you use blocks of 25 minutes or so of focused work followed by a short break. During these breaks, you should get up and away from your computer. This means that you should have additional space in your office to move around and recharge. Also, remaining sedentary is not good for your health.

Therefore, add space into your office plan where you can move around. You may even consider placing a workout-type area where you can do a few exercises to reduce stress, get your blood moving and increase your energy.

Consider Your Furniture

Choose your furniture types and placement based on these factors. For example, if your office is private and will be used for creative work, you may face your desk toward a large window or install a large corkboard where you can pin up your inspirations while you work on projects. Don’t forget to add both office and comfortable furniture where you can adjust your perspective.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Color has an impact on mood, focus and atmosphere. Therefore, you may choose red for focus and energy, black for authority, red for mental focus, green for creativity, purple for ambition or blue for productivity.

Choose an office design that gives you the best environment for productivity, comfort and creativity.