3 Types of Commercial Construction

Commercial construction involves the construction of business ventures intending to make a profit. Commercial construction companies such as Bomar Construction are engaged to help design, renovate and build structures for commercial purposes. These include retail centers, office buildings, cultural spaces, religious facilities and institutions, food services, manufacturing plants, and customized client projects. 

Heavy equipment like excavators and bulldozers removes dirt from construction sites. Construction projects can either be small, medium, or large scale. They operate as follows:

Small-Scale Construction

Projects under the category include planning to fix a sewerage system, home interior and exterior remodeling, and building tree-houses. These projects take a shorter time and require less equipment and working personnel.

Medium-Scale Construction

Construction projects under the category involve upgrading spaces such as water parks, malls, and small business premises. They could also be built from scratch till completion. They are a little more complex than small-scale construction projects since they may involve adding more floors or rooms. They could take up to several months before completion.

Large Scale Construction

Construction projects like hotels, military buildings, and religious and educational facilities are classified as large-scale. Development companies and governments often fund such projects. Heavy-duty equipment is used to drive off numerous tons of dirt from the site. Such projects could take years to complete.