Top 3 Rules for a Safe Work Environment During the Pandemic

As you and your employees get used to working during the pandemic, it’s important that you stay vigilant about your safety and health. The novel coronavirus is still just as problematic as it was in March, so make sure to maintain these three rules strictly.

1. Clean All Shared Surfaces Regularly

You must clean all shared surfaces multiple times an hour. These include doorknobs, the counters and faucets in your bathrooms, and all equipment, such as vacuum presses Essex MA. For doorknobs and machines, use disinfectant wipes, and use a spray-on cleaner for your bathroom. To make sure that these cleanings happen, assign each employee a time to wipe down surfaces, or make company-wide announcements for cleaning breaks.

2. Everyone Must Wear Masks

Wearing masks is annoying, but it is the most essential part of slowing the virus’s spread. All employees and customers must wear cloth or paper masks, which must cover everyone’s noses. Face shields are good additions to masks, but they should not be worn on their own. Additionally, forbid employees from wearing masks with valves, as they do not prevent people from spreading the virus. Discourage the use of gaiters, since scientists aren’t sure if they are effective.

3. Maintain Social Distancing

Face masks help to prevent the spread of the virus, but they’re even more effective when you combine them with social distancing. Whenever possible, stay at least six feet away from other people. Mark spaces six feet apart from each other in places where people have to stand in line, and remind your employees to stay vigilant about spacing.

It’s easy to get so used to the pandemic-related guidelines that you forget about the threat of the novel coronavirus. While you should not make yourself anxious, keep these rules at the forefront of your mind, and enforce them strictly.