The Infamous Swegway

You are probably already familiar with the world of the swegway (hoverboards, mini segways, balance boards or whatever other moniker you know them by) but never the less we will give you the low down from what they are to why they are just so popular.

What is a Swegway?

Whilst the name Segway is instantly recognisable, you might not know as much about the newer, leaner, more compact version that is the Swegway.

Swegways are small, electric vehicles that rely on self-balance in order to ride. They feature a single wheel on each end with a space in between for the rider to stand on which is then moved using body weight distribution.

They are designed to be an eco-friendly method of transport; allowing you to travel for here to there quickly, easily and with minimal impact on the environment.

Why are they so popular?

One of their biggest draws is that they are fun to ride with just 10 minutes practice most people are confident on them and ready to ride off into the sunset to explore! They are brilliant for people who are looking for new and inventive ways to do some cool tricks.

They are also easy to travel with, especially when compared to Segways or other motorised forms of transport. You can simply pick them up and go when you get to a place where you can’t ride them!

Swegways and the media

There really seems to have been a media explosion in the last 12 months when it comes to Swegways which may be thanks to the many celebrity fan’s sharing videos of them riding them around on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham and Chris Brown have all been seen riding around on them and even big name TV show’s such as X-Factor are using them as part of the dance routines and performances.

A quick search on YouTube will also show you a variety of videos where Swegway riders showcase their very best tricks and as more people learn to ride them there are sure to be more exciting tricks.

Of course they have also had a lot of bad press with reports of them being illegal to ride in public and of faulty devices that have burst into flames. It is important to make sure your board meets safety standards before purchasing.

What is the future?

With the huge advancements that have already been made in these types of personal transport, who knows where the world of technology will take them?

Perhaps we will all be shooting around on actual air surfing hover boards in a few years’ time?