Protecting Your Cell Phone While Hiking

Hiking is a popular activity around the world, but it also has its challenges. A well-prepared hiker thinks of everything from a first aid kit to extra water, but often the important details go unattended. A charged cell phone can sometimes mean the difference between getting lost or getting home when hiking. To be truly prepared for your hike, you should use some sound ways to protect your cell phone.

Pack It In Your Backpack

Your cell phone would be too exposed to the elements and liable to get lost if it is in your pocket. When you are hiking, you are also putting a lot of stress on your clothing and that stress could crack or damage your phone. The best way to carry your smart phone while hiking is in your backpack, where it can be protected by blankets and clothing.

Put It In A Waterproof Container

Even with your cell phone safely tucked away in your backpack, it can still sustain damage if your pack gets wet and the moisture gets through your pack’s protective lining. You can buy a waterproof container for your cell phone and mark it with waterproof labels in case your pack gets wet, or your phone slips out of your pack while you are making camp. A solid case will protect your phone from the elements and from other dangers such as rocks and branches.

Bring A Mobile Charger

The most likely time you will need your cell phone during an emergency is after you have been hiking for hours and find yourself lost. Some people carry an extra charged battery with them, which is an excellent idea. But you can add another layer of safety to your trip by bringing a mobile charger with you. You can choose the chargers that use solar power, or the ones that take batteries.

Make Your Phone A Priority

When you are packing up your campsite, be sure that your cell phone is on your checklist. We use cell phones every day, so it becomes easy to take them for granted. When you are out on a hike, your cell phone is the last thing you want to leave behind.

Your cell phone is essential equipment when you are hiking, so be sure to take every step possible to protect your phone. You should also remember to bring along the few accessories your phone will need to be operating properly at all times.