Does the Future Belong to Robots?

A lot of people have animals in their homes. They have them mainly for the reason of companionship. They love to spend time with their animals, as they no longer feel lonely when they do so. However, doesn’t the future belong to robots? If you want to know what might arrive in North America and Europe in the upcoming years, you should look at Japan, as it is the most technologically advanced nation on Earth. There are some interesting articles discussing companionship robots in Japan. Basically, people buy them to have someone to be with, and the robots itself can detect people with their internal sensors. The robots can move, dance, and imitate humans on different levels. I know what some people might want to say: there is nothing like the companionship of a human or an animal. After all, robots are not alive and do not have feelings. I completely agree with that statement, although I would also like to point out that robots were created by humans. They might become more and more like us. If they were created by humans, it means that they might resemble humans. There will be more and more robots living with humans. They will not only help to clean the house, but will also be companions. I think that the future will ultimately belong to robots.