Making The Most Of Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing has taken centre stage in recent years with the explosion of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram connecting millions of people across the globe in an instant, and the mobile phone has been transformed from a simple call receiver tool to a portable palm held platform for almost every form of communication going. As well as keeping people in touch, savvy business owners have seen the huge marketing potential that social media sites provide, and have rightly jumped on the bandwagon.

Social Media is uber accessible providing you have broadband connection, and completely free, making it the perfect marketing solution, whether you are launching a new enterprise or bringing your business up to date in the digital era.

First… make sure you’re always connected

Of course, in order to maximise on the potential of social media marketing, you will need a reliable broadband provider for your mobile devices, and this is where Mobi Data can help. There is no point setting up social media accounts if you never use them because you are always travelling. Offering businesses comprehensive broadband packages with easy to understand bills and no hidden charges, Mobi Data is a welcome relief from jargon filled, long winded contracts from some of its rival companies. They also provide excellent coverage for 97% of the UK, and operate in 40 countries worldwide, making them the ideal choice for the travelling entrepreneur who needs to manage their business on the go.

Keeping it relevant

Social media marketing is not as simple as just setting up an account and updating your profile regularly, business owners need to be extremely careful about what they share and how they share it. In a marketing world where content is key, you must ensure that your statuses or tweets are relevant to your company and correctly communicate your brand or business. As with any marketing practice, there are some key points to avoid such as talking about yourself or your services excessively. Yes, you are on social media to promote your business, however if you only ever tweet about your own company and do not engage with your audience then they will quickly lose interest. On the other end of this scale is the social media addict who tweets about absolutely everything from the contents of their lunch bag to their bladder weakness. Remember that this social media site is representing you as a brand and a business, so be acutely aware of what you share.

Setting the right tone

Not every conversation needs to be a sales pitch, instead build relationships and rapport and the business will soon follow. It is also considered bad form to re-tweet a compliment that has been paid to you, and although tempting to tell the world that someone else thinks that you are great it is far better to let prospective clients find this out more organically, perhaps from your website testimonials for instance.

Beware the automation tool

Busy entrepreneurs can be forgiven for thinking that automation tools are a great solution to dip into social media marketing without the additional time and effort on their part, however this does not allow rapport to be developed with your target audience. Automation tools are extremely useful when you want to send an instant reply to new followers or schedule set tweets and updates on a regular basis, but there is no substitute for logging in yourself and engaging with your followers, as they will soon sniff out a robotic twitter account.

Find some more great beginner’s tips here. In essence, use social media well – do not make the mistake of thinking you can use it like a personal account. With good practise, your social media can really benefit your business.