Achieve Better Health While Working at Your Desk

If you work at a desk all day, you know that sitting for long periods can take a major toll on your body and how it feels. It only makes sense that your health would be adversely affected by sitting for extreme stretches of time, but you may not be aware of the extent of such issues. Making a simple change and considering the use of ergonomic adjustable tables rather than traditional desks to complete your office work have a tremendous impact on your health. Here’s how.

Reduce Back and Neck Pain

With a height adjustable desk, you can position your work surface in a way that alleviates pressure from your back, neck and spine. For example, many choose to sit in a tall stool that allows them to sit up straighter in a more natural position. Others elect to stand at their worktable, enjoying the benefits of thinking on their feet and also moving freely.

Weight Loss

It goes without question that if these people are standing or even moving while they work, they will likely avoid the weight gain that comes from long-term sedentary seated work. Weight loss may occur also through stepping in place or short pacing at the desk.

Increased Energy

We all want to have more energy and feel less sluggish. Having a work top that is height adjustable is complementary to that goal because it is designed to allow easier and freer movement for the user. You won’t be “tied down” to your chair all day. This increased energy can lead to overall better productivity.

So why not make this one small change that can lead to lifelong benefits to your health?