How To Set Up Your Home Office

Working from home has become a reality for millions of people. Whether you’ve been calling the dining room table your office or are fortunate enough to have a separate room dedicated for this purpose, there are some basic steps you should take to ensure that your home office works for you.

The Space

Choose an area that’s out of the main traffic flow and has plenty of electrical outlets and light. Overhead lighting and a desk light are optimal. If you can position your space near a window, that’s even better. A bit of sunlight goes a long way to brighten your work environment. Make sure there’s enough room for a flat work surface, a table or desk, and a comfortable chair. You’ll be more productive if you aren’t sitting on your bed.

The Equipment

So you’ve got a nice table and chair, what’s next? You’ll need your computer set up here, too. A laptop or desktop is fine. Check your proximity to the wifi router. If you are too far away, your connection may be too slow for video conferences. A router booster extension will solve this problem.

Don’t forget a printer. Working from home often means signing documents, scanning them, and emailing them. Printing is one area where you definitely get what you pay for. Printing speed and the number of pages per printing cartridge are two factors that can impact work productivity. Do your research by checking with printers Jackson MI and learning what models and price points will meet your needs.

The Feng Shui

The Chinese philosophy of feng shui is embodied in the concept that our living and working environments should strike a balance with the natural world. While there’s no need for you to embrace this philosophy whole-heartedly, it’s a great idea to consider the comfort and flow of your home office space. Are the items you use most within easy reach? Can you get up, walk around, stretch, and take comfort breaks in this space?

Ergonomics play a role here, as well. Your computer monitor needs to be at the proper height to reduce neck strain. Ditto the mouse and keyboard. Invest in a quality desk chair that is fully adjustable and add a back pillow if you need to.

As the final touch to your home office, put a favorite family photo on the desk. Congratulations. You are now ready to work.