How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce?

The Salesforce cloud is a very popular on-demand customer relationship management software on the market. The software has been creating some raving reviews by the real users of it. There are so many users who are speaking highly of the software. In fact, you may see so many online forums and discussion boards dedicated to touting the benefits of this important CRM software. The software has so many capabilities such as sales management, marketing automation, customer services and partner relationship management. It will help organizations manage customer accounts, monitor marketing campaigns and track sales leads. Here is how to merge accounts in Salesforce.

Merging account is Salesforce is an important aspect of any database, bookkeeping or record keeping software. Multiple duplicate accounts can create problems to any organization in the long run. This can result in multiple users adding data, which they imagine have yet to be added. This is why it is important to merge these accounts in order to prevent duplication of important figures. Deletion of these accounts can be calamitous to the organization in the long run.

Also, the continuous existence of multiple accounts will not serve the company well. This is why it is important to merge these accounts in an effective and simple way. You need to have either a business account or unlimited editions for personal accounts. You should also have permissions for “Read” and “Delete” for the contacts and accounts. If not, you will not be able to merge the accounts. Hence, if you find that permissions are missing, you should immediately contact the administrator in order to resolve the issue.

How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce – Steps To Take

1. Go to the “Accounts” tab, and click “Merge Accounts” from this tab. The software will ask you a search string to find the duplicate accounts. A search string is a line of text that contains one or more characters. Wildcard * is permitted in this regard.

2. Once you have the information, select up to three of the results you plan to merge. This is because you can merge only three accounts at a time. Now click “Next.”

3. Select the particular account that you wish should act as the “Master Record.” All data taken from the other accounts will be present in this Master Record after the merge.

4. Click “Merge” in order to complete the merging of accounts.

The aforementioned article highlights important information on how to merge accounts in Salesforce software.