Enjoy Fast and Free Music Streaming

Music is enjoyable, and you will experience its beauty if you have the right tool, which manages it. It could be an instrument, but with the current world, an app is the most common music-managing tool. Apple has an app that manages media files, and lets you enjoy a different form of music called Zimly.

This is an app that will help you have a media player, and a player streamer at the same time. Basically, you can listen to your local files, and stream online music with this app. The app also lets you enjoy videos and songs from Mac or Windows PC, devoid of converting them. You will also not be needed to encode the files, or change the network adjustment. It will need you to play the files on your iPhone, or iPad, and you will also be able to enjoy music on your local device.

The Theme
The app has a black and white theme, but the color is very sleek. The main menu has a black background, with white fonts. However, there will be some fonts with a white background, but having dark fonts. This makes it very elegant in the display.

Features and Functions
• The app will come with German, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and English options. Which makes it flexible for different users.
• You can stream your videos and songs on your iPhone, and they will be converted automatically.
• The media files will be played like a standard media player, which will read all the files on your device.
• The Connection will take a few minutes, and you will be able to link it to your Google or Facebook Account. You will also need to enter a 9 digit code as your password.
• It also has a simple interface. You will be able to view all the features of the app easily, and every top feature will be easy to access, by just tapping on it. This makes it to be user friendly.
• Fast loading. You will not be needed to download the music to enjoy it, rather, they will be streamed in a faster way. They will also load fast and you can seek your files fast enough.
• You can also download the media, and enjoy them from an offline mode. However, to download the music, you will need to download it from your computer.
• Subtitle and Lyrics Support. You will also get lyrics of specific tracks, which will be downloaded automatically as the app is running.

With an easy to use platform, this app will let you enjoy music at your own pleasure. However, it is advised that you have a good Internet connection, mostly a 3G or a Wi-Fi, connection.