Do You Watch Youtube on the Go? Check Out This Helpful Infographic

Although most people still watch Youtube primarily on their browser or Youtube Downloader, many people are starting to use mobile devices as their main method of accessing this video website. In fact, mobile views now account for 25% of global YouTube views. This number is anticipated to grow as mobile use becomes even more popular in the future.

If you watch Youtube on your mobile you might have noticed a few of the issues that occur with the website and mobile devices. For example, mobile apps have been known to crash and it can be more difficult to access videos with age or location restrictions on mobile devices.

This helpful infographic is designed to help you with these common mobile issues. It explains a number of techniques that you can use when these problems come up. The instructions are easy to follow and they can be used by even those who are not particularly savvy with technology.

With time, mobile viewing will become more sophisticated and these common bugs will be worked out, so that our Youtube experience will be easier and more straightforward. However, in the meantime these helpful hints can really be convenient when you are having difficulty watching a particular video.

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Youtube on the Go – An infographic by the team at youtubedownload