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Exploring the World and Technology

Humans have a natural urge to discover what is beneath the earth. Remember, as a kid, digging holes in the back yard trying to reach China – or treasure. Now there’s a better way to search for what’s under the ground than shovels, backhoes, and drilling equipment.
Now it’s possible to use sophisticated technology such as Geophysical Resistivity and IP Imaging Systems. A resistivity meter can allow you to get a unique view of the area you are examining.
Applications for these products include:

Archeology – “Indy” Jones would have avoided that snake pit by using a resistivity meter.
Cave and void detection – Exploring the parameters of caves and voids for exploration and to eliminate the possibilities of building structures atop them.
Dam investigations – Observing the security of dams to avoid leakage and subsequent breach.
Down-hole tomography – Allows the investigation of drilling sites to determine their integrity and consistency.
Engineering geology – This helps with construction and the discovery of natural resources.
Groundwater exploration – Determining the extent and flow of ground water as well as pollution plumes that may be affecting the water.
Mapping earth resources
Marine exploration – trenches, faults, and artifacts

The products have a wide variety of prices, from relatively inexpensive to ones with more features that cost more. Remote monitoring devices can send data by Wi-Fi to a phone, mini-tablet, or tablet. The information can be downloaded to a computer for interpretation and processing.
By using the EarthImager 3D, you can get a 3D image and analysis of the data acquired by using electrodes arranged in boreholes and/or on the surface of a site.
Resistivity Data Processing Service
You can get help with any problems you might have with resistivity modeling and inversion theory. They will even provide additional computer speed and memory from their site to allow you to accept large-scale resistivity projects.
Training in use of Resistivity Technology
Seminars are offered at sites in Austin TX, United States and in Madrid, Spain to train people in use of resistivity imagining and marine resistivity imaging.
Go to this website to get more details, case studies, and even samples of the software to download.

What Makes a Successful Search Optimization Company?

To become a well-known marketing and search engine optimization company, one must have over a decade of experience in helping clients achieve success with innovative SEO services and other website marketing solutions.

The algorithmic basis of search engine optimization has given rise to a niche Internet industry known as SEO services. Search engine optimization serves to improve the number and/or quality of visitors to a web page. SEO services ultimately increase search engine relevance and draw more web page traffic.

Search engines are the primary means by which people find products and information on the Internet. Recent studies show that 71% of internet users reach websites through search engines. The majority of these web users will not pass the first page of search engine results, and most of the remainder will not make it beyond the second. The traffic generated from these searches is valuable because those searching are actively looking for specific products and subjects.

Good SEO services directly align with clients’ business objectives and are customizable to suit the unique needs of every business. They must specialize in the design, creation and implementation of advanced search engine optimization solutions for complex SEO challenges.

Denver and Austin Bandwidth – 4g Mobile Broadband Provider

Denver and Austin are popular cities for special events. Hundreds of events, conferences and trade shows take place in these cities throughout the year. Numerous event organizers look for Denver bandwidth providers to ensure that they will have enough internet bandwidth capacity during events where they are expecting large crowds. Event planning is a tough task to handle. You need to know the right service providers that can handle your Denver or Austin bandwidth service needs. Luckily, there are nationwide providers such as Trade Show Internet, who offer temporary bandwidth capacity service solutions on a temporary basis. That’s right! You don’t have to invest a lot of money in infrastructure just for a 5 day or week long event!

For the fraction of the cost of in house provider’s internet package prices, you can also get 4g mobile wifi kits that can get more than a few pcs up and running with a reliable wifi internet connection. All you have to do is to go to and check out their wifi kits. You can set your duration that you will need the wifi kit for and get the wifi kits shipped to you via fedex overnight! Isn’t that easy? Just go to their website today and check out the various service offers for event organizers!

7 Cool Ways Voice Recognition is Revolutionizing Technology

From commands like, “Call Mom” to questions like, “What’s my purpose in life?”, people love to engage in the super savvy qualities that voice recognition products bring. Since the voice recognition technology market hit $1 billion in revenue in 2006, these high tech features can be seen in all the latest technological devices, from security systems, to smart phones to luxury cars. BusinessWeek states that voice control will soon “eliminate the collections of remote controls that litter living rooms.”

VoicePod is  a voice controlled home device that allows you to sync all of your electronics for luxury and convenience.  VoicePod is able to control room temperatures, change television channels, arm security systems, turn lights on and off along with several other commands. You can even set up nightly routine  settings that you activate by simply saying, “Good Night” to your VoicePod Mobile application.

Siri is among the most popular of voice recognition tools, available on the iPhone 4S.  Known for her witty responses, users can ask the iPhone application and discover that Siri is extremely intelligent and full of surprises. Siri assists iPhone users  with making phone calls, searching Google, sending text messages, receiving sports updates and other helpful information. When Siri emerged into the market, people  began to see the voice recognition feature as fun and entertaining along with its various benefits of convenience.

AirScan Mobile leads in innovative technologies for the workplace by empowering the organized professional to store and manage multiple documents across different platforms like DropBox, Facebook and Google Drive.  This mobile PDF scanner allows the user to scan documents, receipts and notes and share with a simple voice command.  Available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, AirScan Mobile provides convenience and mobility by converting your important papers to electronic format with ease.

Xbox Kinect  encourages consumers to use their bodies as the controller. The voice recognition feature takes this function a step further, making it simple for users to be truly controller-free.You can play games, watch videos, search the internet and use all of XBox’s awesome features using voice commands.  Xbox allows you to conveniently switch between features with commands like “Xbox Rewind”, “Xbox Open Tray”, or “Xbox Games”.

Google Glass comes from the latest technology from Google. With limited availability and exclusive testing, Google Glass sets the bar high in wearable technology. The premise of Google Glass is that the device is primarily hands free.  The user can communicate with the device using its voice recognition feature, by simply stating the desired command in natural language.

Vocaroo is an awesome application available on PC or mobile, where you can record your voice online, play it back and share it with friends and family using top platforms like Facebook, Gmail, DropBox, Twitter and several other mediums.

Google Now voice command is Siri’s counterpart for Android. Powered by Google, this application anticipates its users needs based on recent Google searches.  Use the voice command feature to get driving directions, research a phone number, find useful information and other hands-free actions.

Going Paperless is Good for You

Whether you’re looking to save the environment or simply cut costs at work, it’s easier than you think to go paperless within your company. Here are a few tried-and-true tips for those who’d like to get in step with the 21st century.

Digitize Your Records

Not only are they an inconvenience, but physical records can also be damaged, torn, misplaced and stained, resulting in the need for additional copies and even more wasted paper. Start scanning and digitally archiving them so you can shred their hateful piles forever.

Embrace New Software

If you’re a photographer, there’s no need to rely on paper portfolios anymore, not when you can create a digital ones with the right software and email it to prospective employers. If you’re a lawyer, why are you still writing anything longhand? Click here to learn more about legal software that will automate your form letters and prioritize your chosen documents.

Pay Your Bills Online

Think about all the time you waste by opening bills, sorting invoices, writing checks, stuffing envelopes, finding stamps, et cetera. Think about all those labor costs for the employees in the mail room. Wouldn’t it be nice to save money and energy by switching to online bill pay?

Stop Using The Printer

Meetings can be scheduled by email. Paper documents become pointless when you can simply share a Google Doc across the office. Networked computers can eliminate the need for faxing between floors. There’s no reason to use a printer anymore, not when a little creative thinking provides plenty of alternatives.

Become a Standout in the World of Digital Media

Marketing strategies no longer encompass only television, radio and printed media. The internet has opened several new marketing locations in a digital world. To get noticed in all the digital traffic you need some help. Professional services are available to get you the best possible exposure across a multitude of digital platforms along with traditional marketing media.

Choosing the Right Professionals

Experience and happy customers are two indications you have chosen a company that will help you get noticed. In addition, experts who listen to their clients and work in collaboration are more likely to satisfy your expectations. Transparency from the beginning of the process to the end is a necessity, not an option. Therefore, choose a company whose policy includes their client through every step. Price is a concern but do not sacrifice expertise and quality. There is no shortage of companies that deliver excellence at competitive prices, such as Pearl Fortune.

An additional feature to research before making a decision is the policy to follow through once your design and implementation are complete. Digital, or traditional, marketing isn’t really effective unless maintenance and technical support are part of the package. Brand management and consistency are two strategies that make an indelible mark on consumers’ memory and for you to realize how to
get online marketing strategies to their full potential.

Handling Cameras

A quality camera case is a necessity for any wedding photographer who travels around to photograph weddings, engagement parties and wedding receptions. One of the benefits of having a large camera case is that there is a compartment for each piece of camera equipment. A busy photographer is able to find the piece of equipment he or she needs to get the perfect shot. Discover some other reasons why so many professional wedding photographers choose to carry their equipment in a camera case.

Maintaining Camera Equipment

A professional wedding photographer needs to take good care of his or her camera equipment. Most types of equipment are expensive. Consequently, damaging a piece would likely result in a costly replacement. After all, a wedding photographer cannot offer first-rate services without the right equipment. Most professional wedding photographers appreciate the protection that a camera case gives their equipment.


A camera case is a benefit to a professional wedding photographer because it keeps all of the equipment organized. A photographer can put certain pieces of equipment in the case and take other pieces out depending on the particulars of a photo shoot. Furthermore, a wedding photographer who keeps his or her equipment neat and organized will leave a good impression with clients as well as potential clients who are attending a wedding. A wedding photographer may want to order now if he or she needs help organizing a collection of camera gear.

Protection from Thieves

Another benefit that many photographers enjoy when they use a camera case is protection from theft. They can put a lock on their camera case to keep someone from rifling through their equipment and perhaps stealing a piece. Alternatively, a camera case without a lock can be opened by anyone attending a gathering where a photographer is working. A lock on a camera case gives a lot of wedding photographers the peace of mind they need to do their best creative work.

A Professional Image

Finally, a benefit that many wedding photographers appreciate is a professional looking camera case. Instead of carrying all of their camera equipment in an unwieldy bag, they are able to move their equipment in style with a compact, light-weight case. Just looking more professional than others in their industry can give a photographer that extra element of confidence that causes their photography career to take off!

Drive More Traffic to your Site with Content Creation Management Services

If you want to drive significant amount of traffic to your website, you should engage your visitors with original fresh content. However, not everyone has the talent and skills in writing. If the content is intended for optimization purposes, the more difficult it can be to write because you won’t only need to get the attention of your readers or customers but also that of search engines to bolster your rank and make your website visible to more people. You might just consider hiring content creation management services that will not just create your content, but will also manage it effectively for you.

Content is king. You probably have head this hundreds of times before and that is because it is true. It is important to have well-written, fresh and informative client on your website, social media networks and blogs. Your content will basically tell you who you really are, what you do and what your company’s goals are. It is your brand and voice online therefore it is very important that you do what you can to ensure that your message is communicated effectively.

Does your website reflect the product or services or your company. Do you frequently update your website and content? Do you use social media in promoting your business? Do you have a blog which communicates your capabilities and expertise? If no, then you might want to look for an organization that offers content creation management services.

What can these companies do for your organization? There is a wide range of services these companies offer. They include creating and management new content for your website or social network accounts. They can also edit your existing content. In addition, they can set up as well as manage the social network accounts of your company and set up and manage the blog of your company. They can also generate articles and press release to further boost your online presence and to generate more traffic to your website.

With original, fresh content that is properly and efficiently managed, you can easily engage your visitors with updated information on your website, establish your reputation as a leader or experts in your niche with the advices and tips you share on your blog. Also, it can drive more traffic to your website with the help of articles, press releases and even social media posts. It can help in opening communication with your audience with interactive and easy to read content. It also becomes easier for you to reach out to your target audience with smart social media networking.

Content creation management involves a lot of processes and tasks which is why it is better to leave them to experts. Nowadays, you can find a lot of organizations that offer content creation management services and when looking to hire one, always consider a company that has good amount of experience. It always counts when it comes to ensuring that your content will effectively reach wider audience and it can boost your search engine rankings.

If you are looking for reliable and genuine content creation management company then the best thing to do is visit us at

Poor App Promotion is Biggest Reason for App Failure

After days, weeks or months writing code, designing a UI and testing an app just one last time, app promotion can often be left as an afterthought. Building the greatest app in the world, one that will revolutionize an industry or bring together the entire global community, is no longer good enough. That is only the first step (albeit a big one) on the path to app store success.

Marketing and promotion is often ignored, or at best stuck to the bottom of the list, in spite of the critical importance of getting the app noticed. In a study by App Promo, 52% of developers had no budget for promotion and spent under 5% of their time on marketing. It is probably no coincidence that two thirds of developed apps make less than $5000. The developers that had a marketing budget and a promotion strategy received significantly more revenue on average.

It is a well-known statistic that the iTunes app store has over a million apps, as does Google Play, and it is common sense to realize that a very small proportion of these apps will make any kind of impression on the hundreds of millions of potential customers available. It is absolutely essential to make a new app as visible as possible in the shortest possible time in order to gain the traction required to get a viral response and the tens or hundreds of thousands of downloads that are needed to make a significant profit. App developers need to be aware that the competition is intense and app promotion is the only way to make a dent in the market.

One excellent method of getting noticed by the crowds is to use the iTunes ranking system to get an app “above the fold” and in the faces of potential customers. The best way to achieve this is through reviews and ratings. Highly rated apps appear higher on the search results for both Apple and Google so it makes sense to pursue this avenue as much as possible.

There is a multitude of ways to achieve this. is a portal that allows app developers to connect with real iOS and Android users and pay a small fee to have these users download the app, and review and rate it. Results are available within days and a boost in rankings and therefore views, downloads and revenue can happen literally overnight. With tens of thousands of registered iTunes and Android users, has hit upon a unique, cost-effective and proven method of raising an app’s profile to stand out from the crowd and make a real impact on the overcrowded app market.

An app developer wants their product to be used, appreciated and, ideally, paid for. The only way this is going to happen is if it gets seen by enough of the right people. App promotion is a fundamental facet of the development process and should be treated as such.


Imagine walking into your office work space at an MNC one fine morning to find out that it looks drastically different.  While all these years you were surrounded by a sea of computers, cables, various enabling pieces of hardware, CPUs and software accompaniments, suddenly you find they have all disappeared. Shockingly enough, your Computer Admin department has become redundant!

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to a smarter way to conduct your business. Welcome to the Cloud.

So what is Cloud?

To quote a hard bound definition collated from industry pundits, Cloud computing entails harnessing the power of the Internet to access critical resources such as hardware, software, and various digital assets available in order to conduct your work and business processes efficiently.

Let’s make it easier.

A different outlook

A simpler way to describe it would be to throw away your hardware and software requirements out of the window. Not because you wouldn’t need them anymore but as there’s a better and more cost-effective option to access it without adding or incurring additional expenditure on IT infrastructure.

So the modern day definition of a workstation would comprise of a computer, with minimal computing abilities, but definitely armed with an interface or browser that can interact with software and hardware physically present elsewhere, on the Cloud that is.

Therefore, software which has been deployed in a Cloud environment becomes your workstation’s Cloud software which you can access to undertake your routine or complex tasks, whereas you use the services of a hardware farm, also known as Warehouse Scale Computers, which could geographically be located anywhere in the world.

Having your workspace in the Cloud can have multiple benefits, right from the most obvious one such as saving on your IT infrastructure costs.

  • You can hugely reduce your capital IT expenditure
  • No need to worry about software upgrades and updates
  • Leverage the economical benefits of ‘Pay as you use’ model
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • You can efficiently scale up your business model to reflect your business growth

Aashna Cloudtech is  your answer for any of your cloud initiatives. Weather it is Sales, Finance, HR or Projects our solutions cut across all departments in an organization. We are in that sense a true cloud aggregator with soutions like Netusite consulting,  Openair , Workforce in our portfolio.