Architectural Louvers

Enhance the Looks and Protect Any Architectural Design

The addition of louvers and shads to structures, when done correctly, increases the value and gives it features that make it stand out from the crowd. True architectural louvers are personally designed by experts at AWV to complement the present or planned design of any building. Careful thought goes into the style, color and function to create the perfect product that lasts for years.

Increase Privacy

Purchasing an already existing office building means dealing with the design that is already in place. Areas of heavy foot and vehicle traffic may prove distracting to employees if there are large windows. Reducing distraction and increasing privacy can be achieved easily by adding louver panels. They can be easily designed to match existing architecture to look as good as they perform.

Sun Barriers

Even the most well-designed buildings can have areas that are trouble spots for sun or evening traffic glare. It can make concentrating during those times very difficult, if not impossible. Adding some stylish louvers to the windows will detract much of the light and save the eyesight and sanity of all having to deal with it on a daily basis. The louvers can be angled to attack the direct line of light that comes streaming through the window. It still allows for visibility, but makes the office more pleasant. It can also reduce high cooling bills during the summer months.

Walkway and Outside Dining Area Comfort

There are many areas away from the building that can benefit from the use of louvers and shades. Covering walkways, bus stops and outdoor break areas are a few of the more common uses. The materials are durable and offer an original look to any outside landscaping. Make the walk to the parking lot, between buildings or resting spots more comfortable with adequate shade.

Wind and Storm Damage Protection

Maintaining structures in areas that are hard hit with winds, hail or hurricanes are another reason to invest in louver protection. Once objects penetrate protective glass all of your furnishings and equipment are subject to damage. Invest in a system of louvers that will repel flying objects and hail.

AWV louvers can be finished in many different colors to match the building you have, or expert designers can work within the plans you have to build a new structure. Contact them today and see how affordable quality louvers and shades can be!