Technology Skills You Need in Today’s Work World

It wasn’t that long ago that you could put Microsoft Office Suite on your resume and wow employers with your knowledge of computing. Kids as young as elementary school now use those programs, and some of those kids may have more skills than you do. When you find yourself writing or updating your resume as you begin your job hunt, you should look at what technology skills employers look for in workers today. You might go back to school to take a class on computers or read articles online to improve your skills before applying for a job.

Social Media

Social media became so popular in recent years that companies and corporations now hire social media specialists just to run their Facebook and other social networking accounts. Many employers will now ask you about the online accounts that you have and do a search online to find out more about you. Listing your social media skills on your resume and using some professional sites like LinkedIn can help you get the job you want. Employers want to know that you can create good status updates, condense information down into manageable chunks of data and use different social networking sites.

Online Communications

You may not realize it but the personal experience you have with online communications can help you during your job search. Even something as simple as using Skype will help you stand out. Skype lets you communicate with people on the other side of the country or on the opposite side of the world. Make sure that you include your online communications skills on your resume. Your skills section should include any experience you have with Skype, email management, blog writing and other communications skills.

Internet Research

There is a big difference between someone who can do a quick Internet search and someone who can find valuable information. You should know how to dig a little deeper and use the right keywords to find valuable content that your employers need. If a supervisor asks you to find the lowest prices on Bridgeport parts for the company’s manufacturing complex, you need to go beyond the first page on Google. Make your resume stand out with terms that employers look for like search engine optimization or management and Internet research skills. Showcasing your technology skills can move your resume to the top of the interview list.