Benefits of Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane is a popular material for caster wheels due to its cost-effectiveness and usefulness in various settings. Polyurethane caster wheels come in different weights and sizes. They are durable and can be recycled and reused almost endlessly. These are some benefits of using polyurethane wheels.


Polyurethane is sturdy, strong, and reliable. Polyurethane caster wheels can handle adverse conditions that traditional caster wheels cannot and can cope with extreme surface pressures without wearing down. This attribute makes polyurethane casters particularly useful in applications like shopping carts exposed to constant abrasion with the ground.


Polyurethane caster wheels have excellent traction on multiple surfaces. The coefficient of friction measures how resistant a substance is to sliding by examining the amount of force required to move it. Rougher surfaces have greater effective values, while smoother ones have smaller values due to their friction when pushed. Polyurethane has a high coefficient of friction, which prevents wheeled items from flipping. Polyurethane provides excellent traction while lowering the wheel’s load to generate the required driving force.

Low Noise

Polyurethane wheels are good at reducing movement noise. The polyurethane construction absorbs sound from the casters rolling over a surface. These wheels are ideal for industrial environments where employees may struggle to hear well enough to work safely if noise levels are too high.

Floor Protection

Polyurethane wheels are ideal for applications where protecting the floor is necessary. Polyurethane will deflect and result in a considerably larger footprint than harder wheel materials like nylon. The increased surface area allows for less stress concentration on the flooring. Polyurethane wheels might be an effective alternative for plants with expensive flooring.

UV Resistance

Polyurethane casters resist corrosion and UV damage to promote maximum durability. UV exposure is one of the leading causes of rubber deterioration, and polyurethane polymers are not sensitive to UV exposure. Polyurethane caster wheels do not need special protection from the sun’s rays.

Corrosion Resistance

The polyurethane tread resists corrosives such as rock salt, battery acid, and fertilizers. Polyurethane does not need regular maintenance or even regular washing and tolerates exposure to gasoline, oil, or other chemicals.

Polyurethane casters are specialized wheels used to help move heavy objects across hard surfaces without causing damage. These wheels have many different uses depending on their size. Polyurethane casters are found under desks or conference tables so that people can easily slide chairs around when needed without scratching the flooring. Pianos, hospital beds, and other heavy objects that usually remain stationary benefit from installing polyurethane caster wheels.