5 advantages of automatic welding

Welding is one of the more complex industrial tasks that a manufacturing company undertakes. It’s time-consuming, sometimes extremely expensive, and, if it is done incorrectly, the finish is poor. There can be safety concerns, too. Automatic welding is a popular alternative to the standard procedure and offers a number of distinct advantages.

#1 Increased productivity

Quite simply, automatic welding machines are capable of working much faster and more efficiently than humans. While a manual weld might take anywhere up to hours, a machine can accomplish the task much more quickly. This increases your company’s productivity and means that you can take on more work, generating more revenue. Automatic welding also allows you to divert some of your staff to other tasks, broadening the scope of your manufacturing business.

#2 Uniformity of output

Automatic welding takes the possibility of human error completely out of the equation. Anybody, regardless of their experience, can make a mistake, and where welding is concerned, those mistakes can be unsightly, costly, or even dangerous. A mistake might mean starting the weld all over again, consuming time, and meaning that you deliver orders late. Machines are designed to automatically replicate the same task again and again into infinity. Their welds are uniform and identical. This, of course, means better quality.

#3 Less waste

Following on from the previous point, a set of high-quality, identical welds means less waste. You won’t have to discard metal after costly mistakes, and nor will you have to worry about efficiency. Machines are optimized to use as little material as possible, making your business more cost-effective. This has environmental impacts, too. Automatic welding ensures that less discarded metal ends up in landfills. With the environment in sharper focus than ever before, this is a massive advantage.

#4 It’s much safer

Welding is a dangerous profession, and accidents are common, even amongst highly experienced welders. Using machines instead of manual welds is much safer. It puts distance between the welder and the weld and lets the machine take care of the more dangerous parts of the task. Automatic welding machines are an excellent way to lower the risk of accidents in the workplace, which is an advantage for employees and employers alike. Knowing that your staff are safe grants undeniable peace of mind and also means that your business can operate more freely without interruption.

#5 Lower labor costs

Of course, the speed and proficiency of automatic welding machines mean that companies don’t have to hire as many staff. Although the upfront fee to install a fully automatic welding system can be extremely high, this is offset by the reduced cost of labor and the chance to take on more work. Welding is a specialized skill that demands a high wage. Scaling the business up by hiring more welders is costly. Machines allow you to operate a streamlined roster of staff and concentrate your money elsewhere, perhaps on advertising, expanding the physical business space, or further automation and future-proofing.