Why You Should Have a YouTube Downloader

Time has gone when you have to load or reload your favorite video again and again to watch, and if there is no connection to the internet, than forget it watching, As we all are well informed about the YouTube website, it has millions of videos related to every particular type, just by searching the video you want to view, it will display numerous videos related to it just by a click. It is free and certainly the top most viewed website in terms of video watching in the history of web. You can watch videos from the website of You Tube as many times as you want to, but the presence of internet is a must, also, loading videos again and again can take a lot of time, unfortunately, you can only watch videos on You Tube, but cannot download them. There are many websites that can download videos for you, but usually cost you, or may have virus that can harm your computer, laptop, android, Smartphone etc.


Introducing YouTube downloader:

So the question which arises here is, why waste time loading videos every time from the website of You Tube when you can easily download your desired video permanently? But what can be done which cost us nothing, is safe, and does not take hours and hours to download? The answers to the entire different questions are one that is You Tube downloader. Thanks to this software, it has made downloading easy and possible for you today, you can now watch your favorite videos as many times as you want. It is fast, free, and easy to use!


What YouTube Downloader can do for you?

It is basically a program related to web video downloading which can easily download videos from the YouTube website with some great formats or even resolutions. All kind of videos can be downloaded from You Tube using You Tube downloader, regardless of the video’s size, luckily, it is free, and can be installed easily everywhere on your modern devices, it never contain any type of viruses, after you have installed it, the world of videos are not open for you just by a single click to the button of DOWNLOAD. HD Videos can now be free downloaded using You Tube downloader, no watermark or the time limitation is needed any more. Videos on You Tube that are 1080p HD can also be downloaded easily using You Tube downloader. Numerous versions are present now due to its popularity and high demand by the users. Its recent update version has considerably hit the position of number 1 between some recognized downloads on the CNET. Luckily it is rated out of 5 stars to score 3.5 stars in Mac update.


Steps to download videos using YouTube downloader:

Few easy steps to download videos from You Tube downloader is provided below, just by few clicks, you can now take advantage by downloading your favorite videos, songs, poems, or your favorite drama serial which you love to watch every time. Have a look!

1)      First of all, you need to find a video which you would like to download , now you have to copy URL of your desired video page, paste it and click ‘analyze’ in order to load You Tube details of the video.

2)      Choose the video format, your desired file size and resolution.

3)      Now click the button ‘Browse’ to specify the output folder to save output files.

4)      Now just select ‘download now’ so that the video starts to download from YouTube.


Wasn’t that easy and simple, YouTube downloader is simply awesome and useful; you can now enjoy your favorite videos as many times as you want to, without internet, anytime, anywhere. No extra time of loading is needed. With no harmful viruses, Thanks to You Tube downloader.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips on behalf of flvto.com where internet users can easily convert Youtube videos to MP3.