Why Do I Need to Get Car Warranty Insurance If I Am an Able Driver in the UK?

car_insuranceWhen you purchase a new or a used car from a reputed car dealer, it will come with a warranty that depends upon its mileage and age. However, even if you are an able driver in the UK, it is prudent for you to get a car warranty insurance for protection. Though the car warranty comes to you with a price, it is prudent for you to take it. The following are the reasons why-

Peace of mind

When you buy a car, you will find that it has routine maintenance that is pretty expensive and often can blow a big hole in your pocket. If you have a car warranty insurance that covers your car, you are assured that the cost of repairs for your vehicle will not be too hefty. In case, you need to repair or replace something for your vehicle, it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

 High mileage for your car

If you incur high mileage on your vehicle, you will be exposed to repair bills often. The original warranty of the car manufacturer will expire soon and the repairs or replacement costs will be quite high. New cars generally come with a warranty of 3 years and most of them have a limitation for the mileage that is covered. This reduces the period largely. For instance, if you have a car warranty that covers you for 3 years and you on an average drive for 30,000 miles every year, the car warranty will expire after 2 years and not 3 years. Here, you should take an extended warranty if you are a high mileage driver. This will keep you free from worries and tensions every time your car hits the road.

Save money and keep your vehicle protected from frequent repairs

With the passage of time, the amount of your car depreciates. It makes sense if you are able to keep your car longer than the period that is covered by the original car warranty manufacturer. As your car depreciates, it tends to malfunction from time to time. Your car warranty is a fixed cost to keep the vehicle on the road and safe from nasty repairing costs.

Resale value of your vehicle increases

If you have your vehicle covered by a warranty, you can reduce the temptation to put off repairs that are non-critical in nature. This means the moment a car repair arises, you fix it and this keeps your car in excellent working condition. This maintenance will pay you rich dividends if you decide to sell it.

Therefore, even if you are an excellent and able driver in the UK, it is prudent for you to ensure that you get a car warranty for your vehicle for the above reasons. You will benefit and get the peace of mind that you deserve with success. Take time and research well when it comes to choosing the perfect car warranty for your vehicle. If needed consult an expert before you sign the document!


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