What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an activity that combines physical activity, critical thinking, and tech savvy. It is essentially a treasure hunt, except that instead of a map, you have a global positioning system to guide you to the location. You probably will not find fabulous wealth from a geocache, but that isn’t the point. The real fun is the journey, not the destination.

What Do You Need Before Geocaching?

Because geocaching uses the global positioning system, you have to learn GPS systems Rancho Cucamonga CA before you can start out. A geocache is a small container of some sort hidden at specific coordinates, holding some simple trinkets and a log book or sheet of some kind where you can record your discovery.

The goal is to discover the coordinates at which the cache is hidden and then locate it using your GPS. This often involves hiking over long distances, so you should wear good shoes and dress appropriately for the conditions. You can start your hunt by visiting geocaching.com to discover the location of possible caches in your vicinity and open your account.

What Should You Do When You Find a Geocache?

While geocaching, you should observe Leave No Trace principles. Once you find one, you should take the geocache a short distance away before you open it to avoid giving away the location to others. If you are prepared to replace one of the items with another of equal or higher value, you are welcome to take it from the geocache. You should sign the logbook with your name and date and then return the geocache precisely where you found it.

How Popular Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an activity that all ages can enjoy together. It has been popular for over a decade. Geocaches are hidden in urban areas as well as in parks and along trails. All over the world, there are over three million geocaches hidden. This means that whether you want to take a faraway trip or stay close to home, there are geocaches hidden nearby, waiting for you to find them.