What Gives You a Thrill?

Do you like to experience new things in life? If yes, then what gives you the thrill that you need in order to be happy? People do all sorts of things in order to be thrilled: watch horror or thriller movies, go banji jumping, or browse the large selection of Pegasus carries roll bar pads to help them to become better at car racing.

You would have to agree with me that being able to race in a car definitely does offer you the thrill you might need to feel happy. When I drive faster than I should (I know I am not supposed to do so on public roads:) I like the feeling it provides me and I understand why car racing can be such an entertaining hobby that so many people around the world like to engage themselves in. Once you experience it you might not be able to go back. This is how it is with hobbies that give you a thrill.