Ways To Protect Your Information

It is easy for someone to steal your information especially in this digital age. There are many ways you can protect your information and bank accounts from those who wish to use it to their own advantage. Here are a few suggestions.

Destroy Paper Files

Take bank statements, tax documents, and credit card materials to a file shredding service orlando fl to be disposed of. Throwing these papers away intact gives a thief the opportunity to retrieve them from the trash then use your social security or credit card number to make illegal purchases. Shredding sensitive documents ensures that your data is safe.

Be Careful Where You Shop

Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase things and can be done anywhere. However, you should be aware of your location when you make that transaction. Places that offer free WiFi usually have little internet security. This allows a hacker to access your personal information to use for themselves. If you must use one of these places to buy something online, find one that has their router password protected.

Set Up Your Own Security

Add a password or code onto your electronic devices including your computer and your cell phone. When you make it, devise one that is difficult for others to find out. Use both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Doing this protects your information in the event that you forget your device or it is stolen. The thief will have trouble getting past the lock screen, keeping your data secure.

Only Keep Active Accounts

If you have an email account you rarely use, shut it down and delete it. If the platform is hacked by an outside source, you will be unaware that your information stored there has been taken. Closing an account like this is simple and can be done quickly. If you have any issues, contact the customer service department for that platform for instructions.