Ways Applied Engineering has impacted the Security Sector

Many people understand that applied engineering uses practical engineering principles to solve problems. Applied engineering is a broad category, and when it comes to security, there are many areas where applying applied engineering has had a positive impact. This article will explore just a few of these ways in detail:

Applied Engineering in Incident Response

When incidents occur, investigators are faced with unknowns. They need to develop evidence, prove what happened and how it happened, and then be able to explain how the system could be made more secure in the future. All of this requires engineering logic like those applied by companies like EEI Manufacturing to solve problems.

Applied Engineering in Malware Analysis

Even malware analysts, formally not regular engineers, apply engineering logic and methods to solve problems. They take artifacts from an incident and use applied engineering to evaluate the malware and its capabilities.

Applied Engineering in Network Defense

In-network defense, applied engineering allows organizations to protect their networks from known threats while not getting caught in denial of service attacks or other automated tasks. It also enables network administrators to determine malicious traffic from regular traffic for threat analysis.

Applied Engineering in Computer Security

Computer security is a vast discipline, and it has many sub-disciplines that fall under the umbrella term "computer security." Security engineering is one of these sub-disciplines. It involves using applied engineering principles to stop attacks and develop security by design into computer systems.

Applied Engineering in Cyber Security Operations

Cyber security operations use applied engineering to protect and respond to malicious network activity detected. It includes infrastructure protection, detection, isolation, and response to threats.

Applied engineering is a valuable tool for security practitioners and analysts. The days of just "breaking things" are gone, and security professionals need to understand the engineers’ methods to solve problems.