Vacuum metallization equipment

Large quota manufacturing jobs need metal coatings that will stand up for the long haul in harsh working conditions. That’s why is the go-to firm for vacuum metallization coatings for large scale manufacturing equipment. For nearly 30 years Ferguson Technology, Inc. has been the industry’s known leader, setting the standard (along with our international partners) in creating the highest quality PVD coatings and equipment.

Cutting Edge Technology That Delivers

Metal coatings are a significant part of quality assurance in large scale, large quota manufacturing jobs. Metallizing is the process of applying a thin layer of metallic film surface to a product. The surfaces can range from glass to plastic to metal substrates.

PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is the technical name for the metallizing process. PVD utilizes a vacuum metalization chamber for the application of the metal coatings that can be used in a variety of manufacturing products, including car lights, solar panels, mirrors and more.

EMI Shielding is a metalizing solution that is used in military hardware, mobile communication devices, car and medical electronics and more. For a decorative looking finish that contains no harsh or harmful compounds, Superchrome PVD Coating is a highly durable coating that requires no top coat, but still delivers a brilliantly shiny finish. Vacuum metallization equipment is also available for our clients.

A Commitment to Top Quality Products and Service

Verguson Technology Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of quality in our metallizing division. Every order completed by our company is carefully inspected and testing again during the coating process to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Before shipping, we also take care to inspect every order again to ensure it meets our high standard of quality.

Verguson Technology, Inc. is based in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Our sales offices are located in Michigan, Minnesota and Texas. We also have international offices in several locations overseas.

If you company is in need of top grade metallizing services from one of the top providers in the business today, be sure to call Verguson Technology Inc., today.