Tips for Choosing the Best Expert Witness

Expert witnesses, such as an expert witness banking, provide legal teams and juries with information that helps them understand the details of a legal case. However, choosing the right witness is an art. You see, you want a witness that provides unbiased opinions and information based on scientific data and methods that support your argument and is persuasive to the jury.

Experience and Knowledge

Not only should your prospective witnesses have significant knowledge of and experience in their fields, but they should also have experience with the legal process. Find out whether your witnesses have previous experience as witnesses in legal cases. However, witnesses who are seen too often in court may negatively affect your case because the jury may assume that they can be hired by anyone and adapt the data to prove their side’s point.

Communication Skills

Your witness should be an outstanding communicator. Not only do witnesses need to explain possibly complicated information and processes, but they need to do so in a manner in which the lay person without any knowledge of the field or industry can understand.

These individuals must also be comfortable speaking to groups. Therefore, check for public speaking experience. For example, those who serve as professors or present at conferences will be poised, confident and clear on the witness stand.

Personal Characteristics

Your witness should not appear arrogant. Witnesses should be personable. The jury should like them as people and want to believe and even defend them against the opposition.


Your expert witness may initially just provide you with information so you understand the intricacies of specific laws or practices. However, if your witness will be deposed and questioned during the trial, the expert may be spending significant time on your case. You should discuss the required time commitment with prospective witnesses prior to hiring them so they can determine if they have the time available to spend on your case.

Your victory may depend on hiring the right expert witness. Therefore, do your research and spend time on the hiring process. Hire the witness who will best prove your case.