Three Tips for Safe Holiday Celebrations

Most people think of family when they reminisce about the holidays. People travel back home and spend time with loved ones during this joyful time of the year. But this year, many are struggling with how to connect in a safe way. Some are deciding to stay home during the holidays. They may spend time with their families virtually in order to keep everyone safe. During a time when many are in need, some are focusing on community outreach as a way to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. For those who are hosting small in-person gatherings, here are some tips to make them go smoothly. 

Keep It Outside

In order to keep people comfortable outdoors, you will want to rent some equipment. Mobile restrooms have come a long way and are worth the money. There is no point having an outdoor party if people are going to congregate in the hallway outside your home’s bathroom. Give guests a clean, comfortable option that is separate from your house. 

If you live in a cooler climate then rent a space heater. Space heaters produce a lot of heat and provide an outdoor place to congregate. Tents may also be a good option, but avoid using the optional walls. If you add walls to a tent, then it isn’t much safer than being indoors. 

Set Rules Ahead Of Time

There are lots of fun creative ways to keep people safe and distanced. In order to reduce the chance of an uncomfortable conversation, mention these in the invitation. If you require your guests to wear a mask, let them know ahead of time so they can be prepared. You may also want to have extra masks available. You could even incorporate masks into a game or competition. Who has the most festive mask? 

If you plan on having small groups seated together in designated spots, then use name cards. This should be announced before the party starts so that guests understand where to look for their seats. Be consistent with your rules. A guest is less likely to feel offended if they see that everyone is held to the same standard. 

Limit the Time

The longer people interact with each other, the more relaxed they feel. That is when the rules start to get pushed aside. Clearly state when the party will be over and keep it short. Longer interactions have been shown to be riskier than short ones when it comes to spreading coronavirus. 

This is such a unique time. Nobody wants rules when they are celebrating the holidays. But, if you choose to host your family gathering, then it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe. They will thank you.