Technology and online trading

Online trading is the most common way of trading in our day and age. In the past any form of trading was conducted manually by a human person; once a trade would be submitted by a broker it would be manually traded on the Stock Exchange floor by brokers who would raise their hands and physically buy and sell Stocks, Commodities and other financial assets.

While technology evolved most Stock markets have moved on to online e-trading which is a software which replaced the human trade floor brokers, trading is now conducted faster and in a more efficient way (although there is still an occasional malfunction)

Technology trading is an online platform which creates a virtual trading arena which brings the buyers and the sellers and allows instant trading. The new way of trading created a new financial world leading online trading to be used not only by Business to Business industry (Brokers to Stock Exchange) but also to a whole new world of Consumer to Business (B2C).

B2C is used by advanced trading platform which allow the trader himself to directly trade on virtual trading platforms such as Forex trading and the more advanced platform known as binary options.

These two are examples of the new trading world and play a significant role in today’s financial world. While Forex trading has been around for many years binary options is a newer form of trading and is gaining popularity by the day.

Binary options allow high speed trading on almost any financial asset worldwide on one trading arena. As oppose to Forex trading binary options doesn’t require any software downloading and uses the latest technology providing a fully web based trading platform. This allows traders to access their trading account from different devices, providing a whole new trading experience.

The industry is now booming and there are many binary options brokers offering their trading platforms, however the technology used to power these trading platforms is almost identical; there are 4-5 technology companies who supply the trading software and the principal used to power these up is identical and is binary i.e. 0 – 1, all or nothing. If a trade is successful and ends in the money (1), then the trader will take a high profit of up to 95% return on investment, if the trade fails (0), the trader will have lost all his initial investment.

Although the technology used by these brokers is the same there are differences between the various brokers and in order to decide which one to use traders must first read some binary options brokers reviews which are available on a wide variety of sites.

While choosing a broker is an important factor on the way to binary success, using other technology driven service can also help. Such services are known as signals. Signals are commonly used in the Forex industry and have recently entered binary options, they are technology driven robots which are used to predict the market movement and are used as part of the traders trading strategy. Instead of using a manual analysis traders use the services of signals providers. Signals robots are fed with an algorithm which predicts the price change of a financial asset.

To conclude; nowadays there are many technologies allowing us to trade from the comfort of our home with a swipe of our finger.