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Charade 1963 – Murder Mystery That Keeps Viewers On The Seat Edge.

Ace director Stanley Donen directed romantic & suspense movie called charade 1963. Ever since the massive hit of the 1961 movie “ Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, Audrey Hepburn tasted a big success through Charade. Even though she acted alongside with Shirley Maclaine in the 1961 released childrens hour that was not successful. You can find more information at here.

End of Golden era

Subsequent to Kennedy’s assassination, the audience taste were changing, they were not longer admiring classic romantic comedies. The Golden age came to an end with Charade being the last movie belonging to that era.

  • Plot- Hollywood movies were normally shot in Europe and Audrey Hepburn by origin happens to be a European lady. Her birthplace was Belgium, and she spent her childhood years in Britain, then she moved to the Netherlands  and then again back to London and then she finally landed in Hollywood.
  • “Charade” is regarded as Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock did not make. Charade narrates the story of Regina Rampert & Peter Joshua.
  • Plot- Regina “Reggie” Lampert (role played by Audrey Hepburn) is in Megève, France on a skiing trip. She decides to get separated from her Swiss husband due to the lies he says. Regina meets a stranger by name Peter Joshua (role played by Cary Grant), whom she admires but she returns to Paris only to find her husband being murdered. Police delivers her husband’s bag in which she finds a ticket to Venezuela as well as a letter that was addressed to her. At her husband’s funeral, 3 strangers show up, Reggie finds out that something fishy is surfacing.
  • At the US embassy , Rennie meets Hamilton Bartholomew (role played by Walter Matthau). The CIA official says that those three persons were Herman Scobie Tex Panthollow & Leopold W. Gideon and they survived the world war II OSS operations. The 3 men ,as well as Charlie (Reggie’s murdered husband) and Carson Dyle a 5th man was to deliver $250,000 of gold for the French Resistance. However, the CIA official informs her that they swindled the money.

In the meantime, Peter assists Reggie to move into a Hotel, The 3 men individually make threats to Reggie. They think that Reggie is having the money. The turn of events began to get more complicated and Peter starts showing his true colors. For further enthralling facts about charade 1963  visit http://www.allclip.net/charade-1963/