Social Networking in The Business World

Social media has tremendous influence over the modern corporate world. Executives and business leaders can use social networks to build a good online reputation and also advertise a particular company. Digital marketing experts know the importance of online advertising in today’s digital world. Smart executives take the advice of marketing professionals and apply the concepts. A website is simply not enough to establish a solid online portfolio for a business or company. Social media sites can be used to create official profile pages for corporate use.

It is important to realize that there should be separate social network profiles for a company and its employees. A corporation is a relatively general entity that is based on brands and ideas. By contrast, the CEO of a corporation actually has a face and personality that people can identify. First and foremost, social media should be used to present the professional profile of executives. A brief overview of education and work experience is a standard highlight of any social media page dedicated to a higher ranking corporate leader. Some social networks are dedicated towards completely professional use while others allow users to show off their other sides outside of work. Therefore, executives have to use various social media outlets wisely in order to send the right massage.

One social network account may be dedicated towards posting updates about events and other interesting things about a corporation. Loyal customers may be interested in finding out the latest news about a company directly from the executives. On such a social media account, personal information should be kept to a minimum. By contrast, there are sites that allow executives to show off their lighter sides by posting personal photos and videos. Perhaps a picture of a family vacation may capture the affection and respect of online users. Similarly, a CEO may post photos of himself or herself attending a favorite sports event. Certain social media sites are essentially used by CEOs to connect with customers on a personal scale. Common personal interests can create a sense of loyalty to a particular company’s CEO. An executive like Scott Reiman uses various social networks to connect with potential partners and future clients.

Many social networks are actually interconnected to each other via links and widgets. For example, there is the option to share content in between social media outlets. Such a possibility ensures that users of any social media group can enjoy content that’s originally posted elsewhere.

Executives of financial companies may want to show their support for charities and other great causes. Sometimes, banks and financial institutions get a bad reputation in the media. Such companies are often portrayed as being greedy and uncaring. It is important for a banking CEO to put a human element to his or her company. Perhaps it’s a good idea to show off pictures and articles about a company’s involvement with charities. A banking executive can post photos attending a fundraiser or giving free seminars at local colleges. Additionally, successful CEOs enjoy taking on diverse roles in areas such as culture and education. Perhaps an executive may serve on the board of directors in a museum, art gallery or performing arts venue. On social media pages, executives of financial companies can also post information about any scholarships that they fully sponsor.