Social Media and Personal Injury

Many people might not realize this, but from the moment the make a personal injury claim their social media accounts are closely monitored. This is why it is extremely important to become cautions when it comes to being active on social media as everything you write there or post there might be used against you in court. After all, those who you are filing the claim against are looking for every excuse not to pay you. Every personal injury lawyer Miami knows that, and you might want to be cautious while:

1. Posting any pictures of yourself on the Internet. For example, if you claim to have suffered from back pain your insurance company as well as other parties involved will be looking for some proof that you are participating in various physical activities and this can completely ruin your case. Even if you are not trying to hide anything, resisting the urge to post pictures of yourself might be a great idea.

2. Oversharing. We all love to share a lot about our personal lives in the Internet, but again, everything can be used against us in court if our insurance company finds even the smallest discrepancy and things that do not add up in our story. Probably the best advice is not to visit your social media accounts for the duration of your claim as this will give your insurance company no information about how you are doing and what you are doing.

3. Replying to questions on the Internet. Many of your friends and family members might be concerned about your health and it is normal to hear the sentence “How are you doing” multiple times every day. Be careful what you say, especially if you have better or worse days. Even if you are getting better and you feel huge improvement, don’t brag about it freely, but rather keep a low profile.