Should You Be The Next Problogger?

There are some bloggers in the blogging niche that try to imitate popular bloggers like Problogger. Whereas the idea of imitating something that has been proven to work is a good strategy, the question can be asked why would people need another Problogger in the blogosphere? Why would I visit a blog of somebody who is imitating Problogger, rather than go straight to the original one where I am sure to find high quality content as a result of knowledge accumulated over many years. I have been asking myself those questions, and my conclusion is that you should try to be different than famous bloggers, so that you would appeal to a different audience. There are at least a few ways you can try to be different:

  • Decide what your target audience is. You may decide, for example, that you will do everything you can for your blog appeal to young people. On the other hand, maybe you will want your blog to appeal to working adults, or to high school students.
  • Try adding another topic to your blog. If you already cover, for example, the topic of fishing maybe you should add another topic like exercise. If those are your hobbies than anyone else in the world who also shares your hobbies is going to love your blog.