Practical Advice On iPhone App Development

Ok if your reading this article, hopefully I am not assuming too much when I say you have a great idea for making an app but no idea on how to go about making it.

Well step one is coming up with a great idea so your already part way there. The next step is to find out just how good your idea is. You need to do some research, find out if the idea you have has already been turned into an app.

If your idea is based on an app you have already used but you think you can improve upon it, read all of the reviews for that and any similar app.  You need to make sure you are not trying to re- invent the wheel.  There are costs involved in producing and publishing an app and you do not want to create something that will not fill a niche or stand up to the competition.

Once you have done your homework and your are confident your app will be a success then the next step is to plan how you want your app to look, the graphics of your feature will be a deciding factor for your users in them deciding if they will retain your app on their computer or phone or ditch it and down load an app from one of your many rivals.

The app needs to be easy to navigate, have clear and logical steps for the user and be ‘app’ealing. If you use a weak coloured text on a light back ground, your text prompts disappear too quickly, or not quickly enough or your steps are not in a logical sequence your app will not pass the consumer test no matter how good your idea is.

If you are not a computer programmer you will need to employ someone at this stage to write the program for your app.  They will need you to be precise with your instructions on what your app should do.  A good programmer will be able to decide which of the computer X codes will be most appropriate for your app.

If you are lucky enough to have the right kind of mind able to write computer programmes (personally I struggle to program the clock on my microwave) then you may have to do a little more homework reading up on the latest developments to ensure you will not need to write updates for new versions of windows or the latest apple release a week after your launch.

Now we get to the exciting bit, your programmer will give you a prototype of your app idea. I suggest you do a bit of market research at this stage and get as many of your friends and family to test run it for you.  They will hopefully be honest and kind in equal measure and once you have dried your tears of disappointment and evaluated their feedback you can go back to your programmer and get them to rework the app to make the necessary improvements.

When you are ready to release your finished app you will need to promote it via websites, blogs internet articles, press releases etc. This will take you time to do or will incur a cost should you choose a third party to promote your finished iPhone app for you.

Once you have the first few down loads within the iPhone app store read any feedback you receive then consider this feedback for your next big iPhone app idea. For additional reading you will need a Recommended iPhone App Development Tutorial.