PowerPoint For A Lesson

A PowerPoint for a lesson in a classroom should have enough information that the students will need so that they won’t leave the room with questions about what was taught. You can make a PowerPoint with bullet points and basic information on the lesson, but if you want the students to keep their interest, then you need to design something that has pictures and vibrant words so that they will want to see each slide.

When you are in front of the classroom, you will be giving information on the lesson taught. Your PowerPoint will be like a summary for the lesson. You want to tell a story with the display. Start with a strong title slide. This will give details on what you plan to cover. Choose pictures that coincide with the lesson. Don’t add pictures or words that make no sense or that have no point in the display even if they are on the same topic as the lesson. Try to keep the presentation to about 10 slides with no more than six or seven points on each slide. Make sure the colors used blend together so that the text on the background images can easily be seen by the students. Remember that less is always more when creating the PowerPoint slide design.