Popular Web Hosting Plan Types

With so many options available for website hosting, it can be overwhelming to determine which service is best for your website. Consider your website’s functionality and storage requirements, as well as your skill level with web server management, before choosing a web hosting plan. From managing your own server to using a cloud hosting Dallas service that manages the entire hosting process for you, one of these web hosting plan types will likely meet your needs.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services Dallas typically provide a private server for each website. This private server is housed at a remote location, accessed by the client through secure online channels. Clients do not share server resources with other clients in this configuration. A managed cloud hosting plan is also an option in many cases, which is when the client pays the hosting company to maintain server security, monitor performance, and resolve server issues. The managed option allows clients to to focus on the website itself rather than the upkeep and troubleshooting of server issues.

Shared Hosting

With a shared hosting service, multiple websites or clients share resources on one server. Each website has its own private partition on the server, separated from other clients’ partitions for security, and each website is gets a certain amount of server resources like storage space and RAM. The main benefit of shared hosting is low cost. This option is best for simple websites that do not require many resources. Shared hosting services are usually managed by the hosting company, so there is no back-end work required of the client. Most major web hosting companies offer shared hosting services.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are private servers stored in remote locations that are assigned to individual hosting clients. The clients can have full server access and typically manage their own server, including security and maintenance. Some companies offer server management packages for an additional fee. This type of hosting is best for a client who requires a high level of freedom and control over the server, such as web app developers or online software developers. Clients who want to manage their own servers need to have expert knowledge of web server administration.

Based on your website’s functional requirements and your comfort level with managing your own web server, you can narrow down the range of options for web hosting providers to select the perfect balance of price and service.