Lifeline Phone Service for Internet Service Is Not Being Used Enough

If you are concerned that you can’t afford the Internet, you may be overlooking an invaluable tool offered by the federal government. It’s called Lifeline. Lifeline is a way in which the government subsidizes low-income families to ensure they have access to telecommunication services with a cell phone and a lower-cost data and phone plan. 

However, not enough people are using the program. Are you missing out on some government help, just because you don’t know about it?

Are Americans Using Lifeline?

Yes, Americans are using Lifeline, but not enough. It varies by state. The FCC estimates that only 26 percent of Americans that are eligible for this program actually take advantage of it. 

In Colorado, 471,049 people are eligible for it, but only 74 thousand people in Colorado, or 16 percent of those eligible for Lifeline, were subscribers. Lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based is a little higher, but at 45 percent, not even half of Oklahoma residents that could use Lifeline actually are. 

Is Lifeline Important?

It’s called Lifeline because the federal government believes that every American has the right to be telecommunication services. The Telecommunications Act stipulates that phone service should be accessible. Yes, you should have phone service, and now, you can have Internet and phone too for a much lower cost than without this lifeline. 

The numbers from Oklahoma are echoed in every state. Approximately 75 percent of eligible Americans across the nation could take advantage of this service, and just aren’t. In a Covid-19 world where connection to communication is an essential service for employment, health care, and family or friends connectivity, it’s possible not enough people even know Lifeline is available to them.

Get Lifeline if You are Eligible

It’s easy to find out if you are eligible. You just need to call the service provider and go through their verification process. You could have a cell phone and an Internet connection in minutes.