Kindle Cases

E-Readers and Amazon Kindle’s in particular are becoming an increasingly popular way to read your books on the go, with many people even preferring them to traditional books. However, despite their ability to hold up to several hundred books at once, Kindle’s do have one major drawback – they are not as durable or robust as a traditional book. One way to overcome this issue is to invest in a good quality Kindle case, which will help to protect your Kindle from any knocks or bumps it may pick up (there are even waterproof Kindle cases out there – perfect for reading a book whilst floating around the pool!).

Kindle cases come in a huge variety of designs and styles to suit all needs and budgets. At the lower end of the market there are cheaper silicone based cases which will protect against scuff marks and scratches, but won’t really protect you should you drop your Kindle or do anything which could cause the screen to crack. Some cases are much more durable and high end cases; such as the AceGuarder Shockproof Case which can protect your Kindle from just about anything you could throw at it – from sand and rain to heavy vibrations and even being dropped from several hundred feet!

When looking for the best Kindle case to buy, you will want to consider what you need it to do and how you regularly use your Kindle. For example, if you are often outdoors then look for high quality, durable cases that protect against the elements (dust, sand, wind, rain and will protect against drops and vibrations). If you use your Kindle around the house only then these cases are not really needed and you should look for features such as comfort when holding, appearance and the quality of the materials used (it is still recommended though to buy a case which will protect against dropping your Kindle to avoid damaging it).

If you want a case just to change the appearance of your Kindle then there are also plenty of options available to you. One popular trend in Kindle cases are those which make your Kindle look like an old book. These cases offer a lower level of protection to the actual device than those previously mentioned and act more as an attractive dust cover, but are something you may consider if you don’t really use your Kindle in situations where it may get damaged.

One feature available on many more recent Kindle cases is the sleep/wake functionality. This works in a similar way to the Apple Smart Cover seen on iPads, in that opening the case automatically wakes the Kindle and turns on the screen. This is usually found on higher-end Kindle Cases, but is definitely a useful feature you should look out for.

Overall, finding the best Kindle case depends on your circumstances and how you use your Kindle. Whilst cases such as the aforementioned AceGuarder Shockproof are great if taking your Kindle round the great outdoors, features such as sleep/wake and appearance may be more important to you if you prefer to use your Kindle lounging by the pool or lying in bed.