Importance of Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism has with time become one of the most popular concepts in web designing. Keeping it simple, but not plain, has and continues to inspire Thousands of WordPress Themes.

Before we jump onto why you should consider a Minimalist WordPress Theme for your website, let us get familiar with what exactly is a Minimalist WordPress theme.

The Simplest definition of Minimalist WordPress theme is just a theme that keeps it simple. These themes use no colorful graphics or complex widgets, but rather a smooth design concept that is neat as well as inviting.

Therefore, a Minimalist WordPress theme will to that effect be a theme designed with simplicity at its core. The coder goes the extra mile to shed off unnecessary design elements that do not really add value to the functionality of the theme.

Here are some of the reasons why Minimalist WordPress themes are very important.

Enhancing the User Experience

The effect that a WordPress theme has on its users, determines on whether your website will be a hit or a flop.

You can invest thousands of dollars in creating great content for your website, but this may end up as a waste if your theme ruins the user experience. This is where Minimalist WordPress themes come in.

With a Minimalist WordPress theme, you get rid of all the annoying elements and focus on what is truly important, i.e. the content. A Minimalist WordPress theme is great at doing exactly that and this could lead to a boost in audience engagement as well as earning you more clicks to your Ads.

Need for Speed

Webmasters often give Keywords the priority whenever the Search Engine Optimization topic pops up. What most fail to consider is the importance of speed in determining how your website ranks on the Google or any other Search Engine.

These themes have the native advantage of speed. Since most resource intensive elements such as widgets are absent in this theme, much of the bandwidth is dedicated to loading up the content.

Speed has an effect on your website’s bounce rate as well as the ease of navigation. Minimalist theme gives the two the priority and thus you not only boost your Search Engine Referrals but also give some sort of incentive to your audience to visit one more webpage before hitting the close button.


Even though web design is a perpetual endeavor, it is important that you settle for a design that is timeless and will survive the test of time. One of the most appealing aspects of Minimalist WordPress Themes is that they are not tied down to the past, present, or future trends.

Just like a Gray Scale Photo filter, a Minimalist WordPress Theme installed today will still look clean and neat three or four years in the future. This is unlike other theme styles which lose their luster in a matter of months and the colorful graphics that can become irritating to repeat visitors.