How To Select the Best Magnetic Stirrers for Your Laboratory

A magnetic stirrer is a good choice for conducting chemical processes and laboratory research experiments, including those related to biology and chemistry. The stirrers are also widely used to maintain uniform heating during the process. So, what are the best practices of using a magnetic stirrer? How can you maximize your investment in this product? Below are a few tips to help you answer these queries.

Functionality and Performance

Choose a stirrer capable of delivering the performance you want, especially in stirring speed, movement size, and oscillation. To know which magnetic stirrers are the best in functionality and performance, check online reviews written by experts or experienced users. In choosing a product, make sure to look at its technical specifications before making a purchase decision.

As for functionality, the stirrers can be used to accomplish common laboratory tasks such as heating liquids and dissolving solids. Make sure that the product you choose has a stirring range compatible with your experiment’s scale and material volumes. In addition, it is also best to choose a lab stirrer that has a glass or open-style vessel, and that does not require special accessories for the stirring bar.

Compatibility with Common Vessels and Stir Bars

Choose a stirrer compatible with common glass vessels and stir bars. Manufacturers of these laboratory tools produce various types of glassware and stirring implements, such as Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, tubes, and crucibles.

The choice of a magnetic stir bar is also important when purchasing a stirrer. If you plan to use your stirring unit for heating water in Erlenmeyer flasks or boiling solids in open vessels, be sure to look for a stirrer with a stirring bar compatible with those types of vessels. Some magnetic impellers are designed to work with particular types of glassware.

Power Consumption

The final tip in choosing the best stirrer is to check its power consumption. The product you choose should operate using an existing power source, such as direct current or alternating current through a conventional transformer. To extend your laboratory stirrer’s battery life, you should choose a product with low power consumption.

You can also save energy by choosing stirrers with an auto shut-off feature. This will help the lab stirrer switch off automatically when not in use and turn on again when its job is needed. This way, you can minimize power consumption and extend the life of your battery.

When choosing a magnetic stirrer, make sure to choose the one with the best performance in terms of functionality and power consumption. In addition, also check compatibility with common vessels and stir bars before making a purchase decision.