How to Integrate a Chat Box On Your Website

I know from experience that many website owners would like to add a Chat box onto their websites hoping that their visitors would have a better experience this way. Some of them know how to do it, while some of them don’t. Being able to host a group chat room can indeed be a very enjoyable experience, especially if your regular visitors would like to get to know each other by being able to talk with one another in real time.

If you look at this demo of RumbleTalk, you will immediately notice that the chat comes in two ways: one described above, and one that adds a floating icon in the bottom of the right corner of your website. It is totally up to you to choose the option that you like more and make the most from it.

There are two killer features that make RumbleTalk absolutely fabulous and amazing to use. The first of those features is being able to use RumbleTalk chat themes. It turns out that RumbleTalk has a set of chat themes that a website owner can choose to design his own theme. If you like customization like I do, you will be happy with this particular feature. The second selling point of the platform is its compatibility with tablets and smart phones and their operating systems.