How to Compare Satellite and Cable Packages

Cutting the cord is a movement sweeping across the country that involves shoppers getting rid of cable and satellite services in favor of the Internet and streaming services. While cutting the cord is a great option for some, if you love watching the local news, sporting events and live television, you may want to keep your current packages for a few years. If you have the chance to switch providers, you’ll want to compare the packages and services to ensure that you get the best deal. In the same way that you might compare deaerator options when picking a new boiler, you’ll want to look at the individual aspects of each plan too.

What Channels Come Included?

The first thing you need to look at is the number of channels that come included with each package. Some satellite companies do not give you access to local channels like cable providers do, but satellite companies may have access to special networks and stations that you won’t get with cable. When comparing plans, always think about the channels you watch most frequently. While a plan that comes with 300+ channels looks good on paper, you may find that you won’t watch most of those channels.

How Long is the Price Valid?

When you get a flier in the mail from a company that claims you can get a great television package for just $59.99 a month, you might jump at the chance to switch to a new provider. Before making that switch, read the fine print to see how long the price is valid. You may find that the cost jumps after just six months or that the price doubles after a year. Some providers will also require that you sign a contract and charge you a high penalty to leave before the contract expires.

Can You Bundle and Save More?

The problem with switching to a new provider is that you may have a bundle package with your current company. That is why you should contact companies and ask about any bundle plans or packages that are currently available. These plans let you get a home phone and Internet services at home at the same time that you get satellite or cable television and pay less for each of those services. Check for bundles, see how long the price lasts and find out what channels you’ll get before signing up for a cable or satellite plan.