Global Connector Technology

Global Connector Technology (GCT) has shipped its ten millionth Dual USB connector for Raspberry Pi. The full part number is USB1035-GF-P-0-B-B. Two dual USB connectors are used on each Raspberry Pi device to enable the attachment of peripherals such as keyboards, mice and webcams that deliver the Pi with added functionality.

The GCT dual, USB type A, connector was primarily chosen for price, service, lead time and reliability. The challenge as Raspberry Pi sales exploded was to deliver bulks to multiple subcontractors handling Pi production.

As transactions increased, GCT’s production lines were increased, in order to offer a stable and short lead time. This judgement was made to capitalise in fully automatic tooling to maintain a superb level of quality. The GCT factory is now capable of manufacturing 1.4 million pieces per month.

“Here at GCT we’ve continued to work closely with Raspberry Pi’s supply chain to not only fulfil orders, but help to plan and ensure increased volumes could be met without any compromise on lead time, price or quality. This ensured that we were able to deliver connectors for the Raspberry PI project as demand grew” stated Andrew Stewart – EU Sales Manager of GCT. “This project displays our elasticity to increase our production capabilities to support our customer’s projects”