Fixing your noisy boiler

What should you do about a noisy boiler? All too often people come to plumbers and engineers with the complaint that there boiler makes a lot of noise when in use. Often it will be reasonably quiet just after it is turned on, however once the pipes and machinery start to get going the familiar noise commences. The noisy boiler sounds themselves have been described as clanking and banging noises which can o0ften get quite loud in volume but do have a tendency to die down over time.

The problem of a noisy boiler can often arise from old, often rented properties that have either been absent for a long time or have not been maintained properly. It is therefore understandable that people fret when they hear their boiler making funny sounds as the prospect of a replacement is enough to make anyone cry.

However there is not always a reason to be so fearful. After an assessment noise, banging and clanging often means that the heat exchanger is scaled up or the pump is worn out. The noise itself is a common complaint in boilers and is almost always caused by a building of scale which causes bubbles to form on the surface. The other cause of the problem can be caused by debris becoming baked onto the inside of surfaces which leads to localised boiling. You can try and check for such boiling by feeling your radiator when the heating is on and checking for hot and cold spots, a tell-tale sign.

If you catch this early the curative method is often to use anti-corrosion methods which you can feed into the systems via the radiator. However unfortunately if your noisy boiler problem is a lot more severe than the plumber will need to be called. At worst you may need a new boiler installed following a power flush as well. This can be incredibly costly so it is advisable to explore all avenues before reaching for the emergency plumber’s number. You may just save yourself a packet.