Finding the best Website Designing Firm – that builds on your vision!

In the prevailing times where every potential client first wants to refer to your website before they decide to be your client, having a website for your business becomes a matter of paramount importance. Another matter of concern that comes attached to this is how to choose a website designing firm that would help you build exactly what you have visualized or even better! Consider the following before you choose to spend on your company website:

1. Products & Services of the web design firm Vs. YOUR NEEDS

From the short list of firm names you have, evaluate the services offered, for each firm & how much do they relate to your needs of a website. Check for add-on services provided by the firm that could be any or all of the following:

    • Internet Marketing and Web site promotion?
    • Email campaigns or Newsletters?
    • Database and software development
    • Various types of website design E.g.: static HTML, responsive, database, website with your own CMS, interactive FLASH, etc.

2. Analyse the firm’s portfolio

Analyse the portfolio of the firm whose services are relevant to the kind of website you need. Look for similar websites they have developed in the past and analyse how well has that been executed. Look for relevant industry experience in the web design firm’s portfolio. You can also request them to provide you with their performance data, testimonials from clients or a case study if they measure their results too. Evaluate the potential and quality of the firm. It is advisable to select a web design firm that understands your industry well to deliver proper results. Also, a company having clients globally will have better exposure towards building global websites.

3. Cost Vs. Results

Cost is an important element of this activity and is the deal breaking or making element for a lot of us! With a little research on your past few year’s marketing & advertising expenditures you can analyse the effectiveness of the spending you are about to get your company into. Was the amount spent in the last few years able to reap you enough results and brought you the expected ROI?  The same can be helped by requesting the website design firm if they would be able to provide any evidence of the value delivered, probably with tangible results. Also sometimes, a little more expenditure on choosing the type of design can help reap great results in the future. Hence all of it must be analysed first & then delved into!

4. Contract & its Documentation:

The website design company you finally choose must agree to submit a proposal along with your website design contract. The contract must precisely outline what the web designer is supposed to so and the duration it would take them to deliver the same. The price and what has been agreed upon to be delivered must also be clearly mentioned in the contract. Such a formal contract is a way to stay clear of any disagreements between the two parties at a later stage. Please beware of companies who do not provide you with a formal contract.


      • If the web design company have an updating package or not!
      • If not, prices of updates and initial design
      • If the web design company offers a guarantee or not!
      • If the company has a phone number that can be contacted on.
      • If the company has set goals that are realistic as per the timeline.
      •  If the website design company shares its work
      • The billing procedure of the company
      • Technology used for development

Avoid freelancers:

Most if not all, Freelancers promise one project at a time & undivided attention. However, it is difficult & rare to find only one individual to handle visual, development, technical & web marketing elements for your website. Hence avoid hiring freelancers, as they come with a huge risk of losing time and money in the event of any mishaps with that individual.

Remember, good & efficient website designers communicate very well!

We hope this article was of help to you, Good Luck finding “the one”!

Author Bio:

Orsome Welles is a professional blogger and a regular contributor to many blogs. On behalf of Optimise Online, a leading web design company. He loves sharing and exchanging thoughts on the latest design trends in his blogs.