Exploring the World and Technology

Humans have a natural urge to discover what is beneath the earth. Remember, as a kid, digging holes in the back yard trying to reach China – or treasure. Now there’s a better way to search for what’s under the ground than shovels, backhoes, and drilling equipment.
Now it’s possible to use sophisticated technology such as Geophysical Resistivity and IP Imaging Systems. A resistivity meter can allow you to get a unique view of the area you are examining.
Applications for these products include:

Archeology – “Indy” Jones would have avoided that snake pit by using a resistivity meter.
Cave and void detection – Exploring the parameters of caves and voids for exploration and to eliminate the possibilities of building structures atop them.
Dam investigations – Observing the security of dams to avoid leakage and subsequent breach.
Down-hole tomography – Allows the investigation of drilling sites to determine their integrity and consistency.
Engineering geology – This helps with construction and the discovery of natural resources.
Groundwater exploration – Determining the extent and flow of ground water as well as pollution plumes that may be affecting the water.
Mapping earth resources
Marine exploration – trenches, faults, and artifacts

The products have a wide variety of prices, from relatively inexpensive to ones with more features that cost more. Remote monitoring devices can send data by Wi-Fi to a phone, mini-tablet, or tablet. The information can be downloaded to a computer for interpretation and processing.
By using the EarthImager 3D, you can get a 3D image and analysis of the data acquired by using electrodes arranged in boreholes and/or on the surface of a site.
Resistivity Data Processing Service
You can get help with any problems you might have with resistivity modeling and inversion theory. They will even provide additional computer speed and memory from their site to allow you to accept large-scale resistivity projects.
Training in use of Resistivity Technology
Seminars are offered at sites in Austin TX, United States and in Madrid, Spain to train people in use of resistivity imagining and marine resistivity imaging.
Go to this website http://www.agiusa.com to get more details, case studies, and even samples of the software to download.